As a writer, Ross Victory is no stranger to the mental blocks and other stresses that come with using one’s creativity to come up with quality literature that bears the author’s tone and ideals. 

To get away from all the stress and quiet his thoughts, Ross travels. 

“Before the pandemic, I was shameless about taking vacations to deserted islands and foreign cultures because I like to play as hard as I work,” he said. 

With the pandemic affecting travel and routines, the author had to find other ways to deal with stress despite limited mobility and funds. Here’s how he did it. 

“To relieve stress, I enjoy massages, exercise, and hypnotherapy for sleep. I realize that stress and burnout are critical steps in the book-writing process. It’s best to respect your body’s need for rest, take a break, and continue later,” Ross shared. 

When burned out because of writing, the author makes music as he was a singer/songwriter before he shifted his career to writing. But if burned out by both writing and making music, Ross said that he takes a break and gets out into nature by hiking or taking a road trip to a new place. 

“I’m an adventurer at my core, so new places, new faces, and new ideas relax me because I get outside of my own head,” he said. 

Prioritizing Mental Health 

According to Ross, the biggest challenge he has faced, along with subsequent loss of opportunities, is not prioritizing his mental health as early as he could. 

“As a creative person, I’ve always been inclined to anxiety and susceptible to my environment–body language, microexpressions, and microaggressions. Still, it wasn’t until I began to lose family matters that I instinctively understood that most things are out of our circle of influence, so surrender only makes sense,” Ross said. 

To deal with issues concerning his mental health, Ross has engaged in every measure possible and sought the help of therapists, coaches, and counselors since he believes they can provide the best assistance in matters like this. 

“There is value in Massages, float tanks, and every mental health measure imaginable. They exist for a reason. The pain does not necessarily go away, but it becomes less distracting and easier to manage. That relief alone is worth the time and money,” he said.

Ross Victory is a singer/songwriter-turned-author from Los Angeles. His creative output is broad through Urban Adult Contemporary music and literature, writing non-fiction and thematic novelettes. He began publishing books, audiobooks, and music independently in 2019. Ross is best known for his breakthrough father-son memoir book set, Views from the Cockpit and Panorama, and his unique vocal texture.
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