As humans, it’s normal to look at others and their work and think how great their life is compared to our own. It’s an annoying experience for many, especially when we cannot point our fingers at why their life is so great when ours is just decent. However, there is good news – anyone who can accept and embrace a decent life can also go on to create a great one with a little bit of practice and grit. In business especially, ‘good’ is never good enough; you need to be great and stand out from the others. This is the mantra that Pasquale Minasi, CEO and Founder of BlueMagic Group International, lives and breathes by.

Pasquale Minasi, who is also an angel investor and a motivational speaker, shares from his personal experience that when we hear people whining about not making enough money or as much as they desire to, or not doing well enough in their career,chances are it’s because they are only doing what’s needed of them. He also says, being just ‘good’ in literal terms means having just enough ability required for a particular role.If we wish to go beyond that, we must operate at an intensity significantly higher than what’s normal or average. “To become the best in any industry, you need to work like no one else in that space,” says Minasi.

Having been in the industry for several years, the young London-based entrepreneur says, “You may notice people say things like, ‘I would do this, but it’s too competitive’ or ‘The competition is too fierce.’ The bottom line here is, such people remain only good, but they don’t become the best.”He further adds, “For attaining greatness, you must be prepared to foster things, people, relationships, and work for years until you see your efforts paying off. Remember, fortune favors those who dare to take the leap. So, you can either do the bare minimum and stay where you are, or give it your everything and go above and beyond.” When people wonder why their bosses or clients don’t approve of their promotion, the answer can be found right in the mirror. People notice when you are not trying your best or working the hardest. Most importantly, it is critical to be self-aware because without it, you will be floating through life thinking why opportunities keep passing by, blaming everyone around for your good life, not the best one.

In the view of Pasquale Minasi, people who complain due to the absence of ‘greatness’ in their lives are simply suffering the consequences of cause and effect. “You want more? Then take charge of your life. Start being more. And start doing more,” he concludes.