What should you when you facing of stress? Be active or refuse to escape? I recently accompanied my child to her maternal grandmother home for the summer vacation. I had heard a surprising and slightly horrible thing. In the high-rises rented by maternal grandmother’s family in the city, the next-floor unit on the same floor, a 26-year-old boy actually jumped from the building a few days ago. A young life has passed away.You are very sorry to hear that, you can’t help but sigh that life is not easy, and life is so fragile.

The big cities are blessed with unique resources, providing a large number of employment opportunities, carrying the hopes and dreams of countless young people. However, the author believes that big cities are not suitable for all people. There are both factors of the city itself and some factors of its own.


Today’s big cities generally pay more attention to hardware construction, material civilization is highly developed, urban governance system is not sound enough, and attention to difficult groups or vulnerable groups is limited. Moreover, there is now a situation in which local households and people in urban areas are often included in the scope of minimum living security, and those migrant workers are not included in the social security. The problem of low-educated workers is not very big. The demand for low-educated laborers in the city is very large. These people are generally more pragmatic, so most of the basic life is not a problem. Rather, a group of new generation graduates, their problems they face are particularly worrying.

The college graduates tend to be highly positioned. They think they are graduate from college, should have a relaxing work and earn a higher income. In fact, in the current labor market situation, most ordinary jobs, college graduation wages and low-education wages do not have an advantage. Even some low-educated people are paid far more than college graduates. It is not easy to graduate from college to find a job that corresponds to their high expectations. Some people still have a bad attitude of not being low. If you can’t read a high-end college class that earns a high salary, why not let yourself be practical? Society can’t help you, you have to rely on yourself. A person must at least support himself and have a chance to change when he survives.

Our city still lacks an official psychological intervention and rescue mechanism. There are more than one million urban residents, and there are a large number of migrants. Living and working in a city will encounter a variety of problems. The government as a provider of management and services should actively perform its duties, do a good job of related services, and strive to build a set of psychological intervention and rescue mechanisms for residents. Such a city is a place that is truly people-oriented and has a human touch.

As each individual developing in the city, the first basic quality to be possessed is the inner strength. Whether it is physical scarcity, emotional frustration, or business troubles, these challenges must be met. If you can’t let go, it’s okay to ease it under the comfort of a friend or family member. If you are lonely inside, there is something you are not willing to pour with anyone. If you refuse to change, then you should leave the big city as soon as possible. The smaller place maybe better for you.

People are social animals, and society is a collection of people. If you want to be in a normal state of life, you must live in the crowd. Have a familiar group that can even be sorrowful. People in this group can accompany you to play, accompany you  happy and cry —–. Such groups are at least three or more person, and there are a variety of recreational activities that are best on a regular or irregular basis. If you don’t have such a group around you, build it now!

Working in a big city, if you want to have an ideal life and even a state of life, you must make yourself strong enough. The city is a society with a “wolf” culture. The stronger person will occupy more and more contacts and resources and enjoy a better and better life. What if you feel weak? Actually, nothing can’t be changed! The quality is not high, the ability is not strong, the heart is weak, the self-control is poor—-, these are temporary, premise that you really want to change, and make up your mind to change. Through continuous learning, quality can be improved and ability can be strengthened. Through certain psychological training and psychological cues, the heart can become strong, and self-control and endurance can be enhanced. A friend of mine indulges dull before, but now is aggressive, and his salary income is from 2,000 yuan per month to 20,000 yuan per month. Everything can be changed.

What should you do when you facing of stress? Be active or refuse to escape? Compared by yourself, you have already have your own answer.

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