Digital well being

Almost all business firms or companies use social media is a marketing tool nowadays. Social media comes with its own package of advantages for the business as well as for its customers. For any business small or big scale one, social media websites provide benefit including – free marketing of the brand and the ability to quickly disseminate information to a wide audience, ways to provide better customer service, etc.

Not only for the business but also for its customers, social media provides many benefits for such customers who might be interested in hearing about an upcoming product of the brand or just want to know more about the company. It is certain that all the customers who follow businesses on social networking sites are most often those who get to know about the latest updates of the company before any other customers.

Here are some ways how social media helps customers of your business

  1. Most important – Sales

When your customers hear about sales, coupons and special deals through social media, it is certain that they will get attracted to your brand and visit your stores and hence it will improve your sales report. Once you like a page on Facebook, give use Instagram likes to a post or simply follow an account on Twitter, the business will likely include you in early information list for sales or special deals designed exclusively for its social media contacts. This feature also helps customers in saving money which they might spend on buying from companies from which they already have purchased a product.

  1. It’s good to be heard

All of us are aware of the new features on social networking sites which is polling. Precisely on Instagram you can start a poll and ask for the opions of your customers directly with fast and accurate results. Also, Facebook and Twitter has made polling for customers simple and fast. From a customer’s point of view, polling is perfect way to be heard and have your opinion be counted. If a company asks for your opion, you obviously feel good. Therefore, When a company you follow on any social media network sends out a poll or asks for your opinions on a new product or upcoming technlogy releases through social media, your response plays a very important role in shaping the future of that product and brand or simply provide an idea about the expected demand of a particular product on the market by voting for or against it in a poll.

  1. Assistance

This is one of the most important point. All social media now offers you instant access to answers from both the companies and its social media followers. All you have to do is just post a question on the company’s social networking page and then just check back for answers to all your technical questions, product questions or inquiries about locations or sales, etc. This is the most effective way to get proper details about any product or service you want or if you have any confusion, you can clear all the doubts.

  1. It’s not all about business

All Business uses social media to share updates about the stuff happening in the business, information on different products and services and general news related to them and their customers. No doubt this is definitely an important point of developing a social media presence, but information about your business is not the only thing they share online. In addition to these business related topics, nowadays many businesses are getting in the habit of sharing content that their target audience would enjoy reading or watching. This may include a funny meme or heart-warming video or any other random stuff. It is never a bad idea for any business to post random stuff which also somehow interconnected to their brand and product and something that helps in keeping the customers engaged.

  1. Going behind the scenes

Social media also provides the customers to get an insight view of their favourite brand or anything they follow on social media. Many companies like to give customers a behind the scenes look at all the actions going on in their company to build trust and a strong connection as well. People love the feeling that they are the few ones to see all the behind the scene action which many people can not watch. All of this is easily done when a business share videos of the team creating a latest product or photos of something that their team is discussing, that no one else in the public can see. This helps the customers to know their favourite brand more closely.


Social media is an amazing tool to promote a business to a wide audience, but at the same time, it is very helpful for the customers to get to know their favourite brand properly. Also, it makes the customers more aware and responsible in making the right choice of product. It provides the facility to give a snippet of something new to the customers before the information can be released to the press or any official press release.

So now you know its not only beneficial for a business, but for the customers too!