For a lot of entrepreneurs trying to make their mark in their chosen industry, social media has opened a lot of doors. Facebook made it possible to introduce a nascent brand to an audience of millions; brands were able to build a loyal following and grow their companies on Instagram; businesses could communicate with their customers on a personal level on Twitter, show more personality on TikTok, and even develop their networks on LinkedIn. In short, social media was a game-changer.

So in celebration of World Social Media Day, here’s a roundup of what social media really means for these entrepreneurs and influencers.

Emily Vavra

Emily Vavra is an alpha female Entrepreneur who had a dream and went for it. This LA-based wellness leader and the speaker continue to pave the way for others as one of the top network marketing professionals. Since 2011, Emily has helped thousands of other entrepreneurs in building their own health, wealth, and financial freedom. People want to know her, what she’s wearing, what she’s reading, and how she does it all.

Emily is a global traveler, speaking to filled arenas on business topics, mindset issues, motivational stories, and more. Her ability to connect with audiences on a variety of issues from simple tips on productivity to the deeper issues regarding women is largely due to her authenticity. Known for her #RealTalk, Emily is innovative; delivering with knowledge, style, and just enough edge to ensure value to those who are listening. She’s a true “hard work pays off” story that resonates – rising the frequency of whoever is listening. Emily is Yahoo’s top 10 Entrepreneurs to follow in 2020 and has recently been featured on Bloom TV, KTLA, Life&Style Magazine, Thrive Global, Good Morning Lala Land, and more!

1. What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media?

If I had to break it down into a few different steps, I’d say number one clean up your profile, get a good headshot, great cover photo, possibly even some professional photos or just get some good lighting and to really sharpen things up. Sharpen up your bio and definitely delete old photos that are not in alignment with your brand.Number two, start going live at least twice a week, go on Facebook Live for 10 minutes max and share something of value that you love. Once you get on the live, make sure you go live right away and get to your point.Number three, go into other groups on Facebook and start interacting with people that have common interest as you start adding them. Another thing you could do is go on Instagram, and start using hashtags then follow people that have similar interests and start interacting.

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media?

I have gained a tremendous amount of clients, aka customers from social media using attraction marketing, showcasing the transformations that my products provide and telling stories around people that I’ve helped, and people that have gained financial freedom. And then also showcasing our community and culture. All by attraction marketing.

That’s my spot where I find people to do the business and partner with me. And it really has also helped the retention of my current business. Utilizing private groups to show people how to use our products to encourage people on their health journey and then also using private groups for business coaching, and to create a community and culture

It’s also growing my brand. Just staying very consistent with videos, doing live Instagram stories, and it’s definitely a process that doesn’t happen overnight. You have to stay consistent with it, but it’s grown, my audience.

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?

I use social media to nurture my audience by truly interacting with them if they send me a DM if they comment on a post I comment back, but also by talking about real life things, and in showing every facet of my life showing the glamour but also showing the hard work behind the scenes in really what I, I believe I’ve done well, is I try to just give value to people I always think to myself, is this post going to help someone else’s life is this post gonna remind someone, why they need to keep going, or is this going to help people realize that that’s normal. Because a lot of people think when they struggle that they’re the only one struggling, and so I really try to write for the person following and not just for me and looking good.

Kayla Ybanez

Mom and CEO Kayla Ybanez has built her business from the ground up after caring for her 3-year-old daughter who was fighting for her life in the hospital for 436 days. Because of this, Kayla knew her 9-5 wasn’t going to be an option any longer.  

Kayla Ybanez is an Instagram and Business Strategist for Network Marketers and online coaches that want to scale sustainable relationship-based businesses without age-old strategies like “hey girl” cold messaging. She is also a Speaker & Event Host. Kayla has been featured in Forbes & Thrive Global. She is the host of the Stop The Hey Girl Podcast.

1. What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media?

First you have to be clear about who you’re showing up on social media for. If you want to cultivate a community and grow your following with loyal supporters they have to believe that you are showing up to make an impact in their lives. You also have to be prepared to make “showing up” a part of your routine. Your audience will get a sense of when and how you show up and that will help them build a trusting relationship with you and refer more people to your pages.

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media?

Social media allows my business to have an unlimited opportunity for organic growth as well as referrals. I make my client’s experience a priority and it starts from the minute someone comments on one of my photos or DMs me and when someone feels like they are a valued part of my company and not just a “follower” they will tell more people about me! Social media has also allowed me many opportunities to speak on stages across North America and also be featured in numerous TV and radio interviews.

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?

I nurture my audience through providing top notch high value content that they can take and use in their lives/businesses. I make providing value and giving a core value in my business and that starts with how I show up on social media. I also nurture them by meeting them where they’re at, being vulnerable about what goes on behind the scenes in my life and business because I want my audience to know they are a part of the journey and I am humbled by their constant love and support. It’s not about me, it’s about them always!

Jamie King

Before becoming a serial entrepreneur and internationally known female leader, Jamie Joslin King, worked with executive management, training, and teaching them how to be leaders through Fortune 75 company Humana. At 24-years-old she managed over 500 trainees through leadership development until 2014.

After that, she worked in network marketing where she made it to the top .5% of the company and was able to replace her corporate salary. While working, she was traveling 20 weeks out of the year and was pregnant with her second child. She couldn’t see herself traveling any longer and taking time away from her family to work, so she decided to chase her own success and she started the Slay Coach in 2017, a mission to help female entrepreneurs all over the world.

1. What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media?

Start with the ‘why’. Why are you really doing this? It has to come from a place of love and passion for what you’re doing. You need to promote what you are doing on social media, otherwise you will be busy chasing shallow numbers that don’t mean anything. If what you do on social media comes from a place of genuine love for your audience, then your audience will see this and grow.

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media?

I wouldn’t have a business if it weren’t for social media. I document my business and personal life on my social media. A lot of my content is educational and inspiring, but also a documentation of my journey, and who I am as well as where I am going.

Because of social media, I have gained a following through various platforms, and I use it as a way to connect with my audience as well as let them know what is going on in my life and business. I’d say these days it’s important to diversify and not just rely on one platform, but one platform is a great place to start.

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?

I use social media to give my audience value on various levels. I try to be as real and honest about my life and business as much as possible. You need to always lead with honesty, integrity, and caring. Otherwise, what is this all for? My audience is here and growing because I show them that I value them and care about them. 

There are also two roads to take if you’re building your business on social media–you can be aspiring or inspiring. I choose inspiring; I want people to know that they can also follow a journey similar to mine. I’m not special, I’m someone who used my skills to leverage what I had to create a business. But I focus my social media content on myself as well as my audience.

Heather DeSantis

Heather DeSantis is the CEO and Founder of Publicity for Good (PFG) and Good Side News. Former Miss Ohio International, she leads the firm with a mission to partner with companies who are committed to making the world a better place. Heather has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Entrepreneur, iHeart Media, Business Insider, MSN, and Inside Edition.

What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media?

First ask yourself why you are trying to use social media? Are you trying to use it to connect with people? Are you trying to grow a business? Just really have clarity around your goals and objectives first and then build a strategy around that, then also take time to figure out what your core pillars are that you’re going to be talking about on social media. You always need to make sure that you not only talk about business but you have consistent topics that you talk about on social media that make people feel connected to you and know you as a person outside of business.

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media?

I have used social media to get one on one clients.

Every day we’re focused on sharing client wins in the media on social media so a lot of people see the work we do for clients, and leads come in that way as well. I’ve been able to use my social media to promote free PR training and webinars and really use that to support people through providing free content.

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?

Share with my audience, behind the scenes of my life, and things that are going on, as well as if I’m wanting something new, share it with them first as a kind of like exclusive opportunity to my social media audience first.

Leisse Wilcox 

Leisse Wilcox is a Transformational Mindset + Success Coach, podcast host, motivational speaker, author, single mom of three, and breast cancer survivor. She employs a technique called Emotional Alchemy, which integrates Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help other high-potential women to unleash their authentic selves. Leisse has appeared on the Toronto Star, Thrive Global, TEDx, and NOW Magazine. Her Podcast, To Call Myself Beloved, is ranked as a Top 50 Self-Improvement podcast in 5 countries.

1. What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media?

Be intentional about your why. When you’re clear on why you’re growing your audience, the metrics of how you define success will shift – dramatically. If you’re growing a conscious brand, with an engaged audience, then you don’t need to focus so much on the quantity of your growth, but rather on the quality of your growth. Who’s your market? What’s your ideal audience? How do you offer a solution to a problem they have? When your why is crystal clear, your messaging can follow suit – in a genuine and intentional way – which will create a much more engaged, connected, high impact audience for you.

That said? Social media is not enough. You absolutely have to be aware that building up your social audience and platform is a part of your business – not the whole enchilada. If you focus only on growing your brand and business on a platform that does not belong to you – you are setting yourself up for longterm failure. Just ask the former Vine stars. Focus on social as an extension of your brand…but do not – repeat, do not – use it as the only online access to your brand.

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media?

All of the ways! My business got its legs via social media – kinda by accident. I started writing a parenting column (a hundred years ago) for a local newspaper, and because I wanted more people to read that column, I turned it into a blog. Then, I learned how to use Instagram to share my blog, so that even more people would read it. At a certain point, I moved away from a long-form blog – because of how quickly the way we consume content has changed – and started using Instagram more actively as a daily microblog. Eventually, people started reaching out to me via direct message asking if I would coach them, and brands started reaching out asking if we could partner…and over an organic period of time, I had created this amazing, intentional business (and direct creative expression of who I am) entirely on social media. My online presence – which again is a genuine representation of my business and of me – has connected me not only with an incredible client roster, but with wonderful friendships and opportunities worldwide that I know would not have been otherwise possible.

Building such a strong social foundation has now allowed me to transition that audience to properties like my podcast, website, book, speaking engagements…properties that I own, and am not at the mercy of “pleasing the algorithm” in order to succeed.

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?

I built my brand, my business, my online presence, and culture while raising three kids solo, undergoing chemo treatments and surgeries for breast cancer, writing my first book, and launching my top-ranked podcast. Sharing not only my professional insights, but also using my uniquely and relentlessly optimistic outlook to share the human side created a natural and organic relationship between my audience and me. 

Over and over again it comes down to authenticity – not staged authenticity, the buzzword, but genuine, real deal, from the heart authenticity. When you consciously choose to show up as yourself, you cannot lose. I pinky swear. Having the courage to simply be yourself – no matter who’s watching – has a magnetic quality that will, without question, bring the right people to you…if you allow it.

I’m also quite transparent with my audience about conscious consumption of content on social media; while it has (and continues to) open up opportunities for growth and success, it also has the capacity to tank your mental and emotional health if you’re not deliberate about the content you consume. Platforms like Instagram offer a snippet of the real story, and show a moment in time; if you are someone who puts all your trust into endlessly scrolling through what other people are doing, you are wasting your time and emotional energy. I’m open with my audience about the buyer beware aspect of being an informed participant on social media.

Sarah Pelc GracaSarah Pelc Graca is an online health coach & personal trainer, who helps motivated individuals to lose weight and feel amazing by creating habits centered around food, focus, and fitness. She believes in working on daily nutrition and exercise habits, not strict diets or body shaming. She believes the secret is finding and creating an individualized nutrition, exercise AND mindset plan that works with YOUR life and that directly leads to results (whether that means losing weight or chiseling your arms and abs!)

1. What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media? My advice to someone who wants to grow their social media is to be consistent!  Post to your stories and your feed regularly. Mix up the type of content you share between videos and posts. Also, share information that your followers need to hear to reach their goals… Post helpful information, and you’ll attract your tribe. 

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media?I am currently working with a few clients who found me on social media. Using appropriate hashtags on Instagram has been helpful in growing my following. Posting consistently on social media has helped me convert followers into paying clients because the mix of content plus my engagement with followers helps to nurture my audience. I share my philosophy and coaching methodology through my content, so if followers are in alignment with my messaging, they tend to inquire and hire me as their weight loss coach.

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?I post daily and am always giving my followers free nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and workouts. I believe in building trust and rapport with all of my followers before converting them to clients. I also go out of my way to respond in a timely manner to all direct messages. I’m happy to answer questions related to health, nutrition, and fitness to my clients and to ALL of my followers.

Haylee Stamper

Haylee Stamper is an international speaker, author, business mentor, and expert in Conscious Self-Evolution. Through her coaching programs, she has helped thousands of women gain clarity, share their authentic truth, and find success in life and in business. Haylee hosted the Adapt & Rise Virtual Summit and was a keynote speaker at the Women’s Empowerment Conference 2020.

1. What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media?
Use your energy!  I know it sounds woo-woo, but it is everything!  There is a lot of noise on social media, which to me means a lot of posts that are being created but without clear intention.  I believe there is a false idea that showing up is better than nothing.  And while I agree that messy action is often necessary to get started, you eventually want to refine the skill of intentional content.

Here is a simple 3 step process I empower my clients to do before they create content. The first step is to decide the intention of the post.  Ask yourself, what do I want to come from this post?  The intention could be to make someone laugh,  let them know they are not alone in a struggle, inspire them to see a fresh perspective, teach them something, whatever it maybe it just needs to be clearly defined.  

The second step is ask yourself what emotion would align with that intention. It is more than words, you want social media posts that evoke an emotional response in readers that take them from scrolling, to engaging, to converting into fans.

The third step is to feel that emotion yourself, before you write the post.  Feel it yourself, get into the energy you want your words to embody.  Then write the content, and watch as you can lead your followers down a path of genuinely connecting with your business and mission.

Additional advice, stay in your lane and put on blinders.  Do not spend too much time following others in your industry, as it can be a fine line between inspiration and imitation.  Do you!  Trust what you are called to do in this world, and stay focused on that mission.

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media? 
My followers know they are getting the real me.  From the beginning, I have authentically navigated my own evolution, sharing when I was confused, sharing the light bulb moments, telling the truth about my struggles, my breakthroughs, and my wins.  What launched my coaching business to begin with, was starting to share my personal story of leaving an unhealthy marriage, struggling with co-parenting and ongoing court issues, and stepping into my own emotional power. 

I built my business on storytelling, and my followers have grown to expect the truth from me. This has also helped me avoid the burnout that a lot of entrepreneurs experience when they are trying to keep up with a perfect image.  Coaches do not have to be perfect, they have to be willing to be real and honest with what growth really looks like.  At least, in my opinion.

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?I nurture my audience by showing up daily, as a mom, business owner, wife, woman on a mission to keep evolving.  I share what is working for me, and give lots of value and helpful tips.  As I mentioned earlier, I am a big believer in the energy behind what you do, so I make sure to give lots of tips, tools and advice, without strings attached, or a paid course always offered after. My audience knows that I will show up and serve at my highest level, whether I profit directly from it, or not.  I lead with my heart, because my mission is to help them.

I also give them the platform to speak.  In my Facebook group, Evolving Women in Business, I have guests come on weekly to share their expertise. I knew from the beginning that I wanted the voices of women to be heard, and not just my own.

Melissa Ruiz

Melissa is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindset Expert, and Online Soulprener Business Coach. After working as a TV producer for 13 years, she left everything behind to pursue her passion and purpose. Melissa quit her 6 figure job, got a divorce and now helps other women move past their own fears so they too can build the life & spiritual businesses they desire.

1. What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media?

My advice to someone wanting to grow their social media is to first start asking themselves how do I want to be represented in the online space? Start there because it’s easy to grow a social media presence but what you want to aim for is tribe, connection & community. Building a tribe is the easiest way to grow your social media into loyal raving fans and customers. You then weave in your own branding, style and creativity into the mix so that you stand out in a crowd. Of course, knowing the right audience is also key, so go out there and follow/interact with others that you could see be part of your movement.

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media?

My signature programs have grown tremendously over the last year, which include Unleash & Unveil Your Soul Business (beginner entrepreneurs) and The Unleash & Unveil Mastermind (intermediate entrepreneurs). I use my social media as an open platform, hearing from what my audience wants and turning it into useful content for their businesses. One of the more recent things I’ve noticed is that people like to engage more with my platform when I talk about current events, whether that is selling during a pandemic or how to align your business to what’s going on in supporting the fight for justice. This has opened my business up to all different kinds of “Soulpreneurs” from different backgrounds, and we continue to nurture that through my programs. 

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?

When it comes to interacting with my audience, I want to remain present with them – whether or not they are paying for one of my programs or in one of my free groups. I listen to my audience closely and develop new content to help them get to their next step in their business. Recently, I just did a free IGTV series based on my Soulful Currency Method, on how to approach sales with a soulful purpose. For Facebook, I organized private groups for my programs so that fellow entrepreneurs can bounce ideas off each other, maybe even partner on an idea! For Instagram, its offering those live videos and series to have my audience keep coming back for more. 

Kelly Ruth

Kelly Mandalino-Ruth, the creative behind Forty Young uses her lived-experience to create a safe, informative, and inclusive space online for modern motherhood and womanhood for mature women. Kelly documents the phases of my womanhood as a mother, wife, female entrepreneur, health instructor, social media influencer, and active presence in her community, with as much vulnerability and candor to serve as an inspiration for women her age as well as young adults. 

1. What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media?

Quality over quantity. Having a huge following doesn’t mean what it once did. Having 1000 followers that are engaged and love your content is better than 25k followers that skim, like and move on. Connect with your audience. Take the time to respond to DM’s thoughtfully. Share experiences in your life that others can relate to.

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media?

My business has grown a lot in a little over a year. I’m getting more and more collaborations every month and my following continues to grow. My blog traffic is growing every month and I get over 500k views a month on Pinterest.

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?

I like to nurture my audience by assuring them that I’m not perfect. I’m just like them. I have the same worries about parenting, I have ups and downs in my marriage and I worry about the future as much as they do. I think people appreciate my relatability because it gives them (and me) the opportunity to connect beyond a surface level.

Katie Blair 

Katie Blair is a lightworker, soulpreneur, and business coach.She uses both spiritual and entrepreneurial techniques to guide other women towards a path of self-actualization, spiritual evolution, and economic freedom. Her programs are designed to activate women to start and grow their own online business that’s not only in line with their life purpose but also designed to bring in financial abundance.

1. What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media?

Know that social media is an opportunity to be your creative art studio and the way you can TRULY align to the energy of the version of yourself you most deeply desire to become. Look past the negative aspects of it that have kept you small, and realize that by jumping into it – you GET to be whoever you wish! It is your chance to make a declaration that you will not remain in a box, and that you will live a life of full expression.

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media?

My social media is my brand. My brand is the energetic form of my business. I not only think that a strong brand within social media is the way we magnetize our community + impact most strongly – but it is also the purest way to embody who you are within your business. By becoming my business through social media – I have built everything because people can relate to me as a human.

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?

I show up for them with rawness and authenticity. I am transparent about my wins so that they can see what is possible for them. I am also real with them about the roadblocks I face. At the end of the day, someone makes the decision to invest in you NOT because of your program – but because of you energy. You activate something within them – and so I show up for them, by being me.

Ashley Spedale

Don’t let the glitters fool you. Ashley Spedale is an Spiritual Branding Mentor and a Visibility & Confidence Expert who is using her experiences and skills as an accomplished female entrepreneur and CEO to transform brands and businesses from ordinary to authentic which is truly magical.

1. What’s your advice to someone who wants to grow their social media?

My advice to someone who wants to grow their social media is to show up! Show up authentic, raw, real & vulnerably! Be willing to be ‘social’, network, interact & have conversations with people! Start- just start & it’s ok to be messy!

2. What are some ways your business has grown through social media?

My business has grown through social media in tremendous ways. The beauty of social media is you’re in charge of the way you show up! No one is breathing down your throat telling you what to do! Ultimately it’s up to you to show up how you want to! My business has grown by me showing up, giving value, education, motivation & connecting with people on an intimate level by being myself.

3. How do you use social media to nurture your audience?

I use social media to nurture my audience every single day! I show up to share my life, empower them to do the same & keep the conversation going by interacting, getting curious, asking questions, and standing for what I believe in! I’ve created a community where people feel a part of something. For example my Daily Dance Party Project empowers others to stop and shake it out during the day, be silly, move, raise their vibe & shake it back into joy & fun!