Do you know #happiness is of 5 types:

? ????????? ?? ????:
The daily small things that makes you happy for Fraction of seconds/ minutes.
e.g. A lovely view, seeing a child smile, having your amazing food

? ????? – ??? ?????????????:
Happiness that comes through Comparison. When you sense you are better off than other
e.g. Winning a race, getting a promotion

? ?????? – ??? ?? ???????????? ??????:
Joy of buying something new or gaining some memorable experience
e.g. Buying a new car, going on a Holiday, purchasing a new dress

? ?????????? ?? ??????:
Feeling of being Generous by Giving to others. You can give materiastic things or support
e.g. Giving money, food, clothes to needy. Giving a pat on the back, recommendation or helping hand

? ???????? ?????:
Happiness is achieving that ultimate bliss when you feel happier even in toughest of the times. Something we all are thriving for.
e.g. Feeling satisfied doing meaningful work. Fealing of Fullfillment and Gratitude even if you have nothing.

So what sory of Happiness do you experience on daily basis.
What are you doing to achieve the #bliss