The art of storytelling has been proclaimed for centuries. A great storyteller captures our attention by pulling us into the story and keeping us engaged all the way to the end. Storytellers can have you feel the emotions as if you were experiencing the story yourself. Storytellers can make you laugh, cry or become angry all with the use of their words and inflections.

     Storytelling is a gift. It is a gift we would all be lucky to have. Unfortunately many of you have the gift and don’t realize it. By not realizing it you often neglect it. Another population of you has the gift and unknowingly misuses it. You misuse it because you tell yourself stories that do not serve your best interest.

  In the book, Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail, the author, Greg Kuhn lays out 6 tools to position you to get the most out of life each and every day. Tool number one is “Always Tell the Best Story Possible”.  A list of all 6 tools can be found in the book. The book is a great introduction to Quantum Physics that any reader can understand easily. With that knowledge you will understand even more how important it is to Always Tell the Best Story Possible.

    Storytelling is important because what we think will ultimately become our reality.  If you don’t agree with that statement maybe the book can help change your belief.  Your beliefs are also critical because they are the foundation for what you think.  Based on both of those you will tell yourself certain stories throughout your life.

     Let’s test that theory by walking through some simple examples. Have you ever been let go from a job unexpectedly? You weren’t prepared for this unfortunate event. You didn’t have another job lined up. Your salary was the highest of your career in the role you just lost. With all of that in mind what story did you tell yourself?   Did you tell the story of how the company was wrong to let you go and you don’t deserve this? Did you tell the story of how difficult it will be to find another job this quickly? Did you tell the story of how difficult it will be to match the salary you were making in the job you just lost? Chances are you did.   Yet how many of those stories actually serve you? The answer is none of them because they are all based on anger and fear. Not only are they based on anger and fear, you don’t know if any of them are true. What Greg Kuhn would tell you is to tell yourself better stories. Tell the most positive story that you can actually believe.

     It is important that you can believe the story because you mind is no fool.  If you tell yourself a story that not even you can believe your mind will ignore it.  You will be wasting your time as your mind will defer back to what it really believes. So don’t go all the way to the unbelievable based on your beliefs.  Find some middle ground that you can believe and make sure it is serving your best interest.

Here’s a simple list of examples for stories you could tell yourself in the event this did happen to you:

Negative Story – The company was wrong to let me go and I don’t deserve this

Unbelievable Story – I would have been better off never coming to work here. This company sucks and I’ve just wasted 10 precious years. 

Better Story – I chose this job and take full responsibility for being in this position.  I will be better prepared moving forward.

Negative Story – It will be difficult to find another job quickly

Unbelievable Story – Forget the company; I’ll have another job in 2 weeks.

Better Story – The job market may be a little tough right now but with my skill set another job is out there for me.  I just need to find it no matter how long it takes.

Negative Story – It will be difficult to match the salary you were making

Unbelievable Story – I’ll double my salary in my next job.

Better Story – Although this is the highest salary I’ve ever made it is not the highest I can make.  I have the potential to make more and with the right position I will eventually exceed this salary. 

     As has been previously stated in other articles you ultimately work for yourself. In order to do that job effectively you must make sure your thoughts are serving your best interest. Your thoughts will be expressed in the stories you tell yourself daily. Your goal is to become a gifted storyteller. As Greg Kuhn advises, that means you must Always Tell the Best Story Possible. The best you possible is looking forward to you exercising that gift. As always, I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.

With Gratitude,