success means happiness

Before the corona virus, I feel that I had a tunnel vision of what success looked like to me. Success meant having a lot of money, travelling the world, having fun with friends and being the go to expert in my profession.

However, when the coronavirus struck the world, it changed how we view the world. At least to me, it did. For one, my job was threatened. Fewer clients were able to stream to my brick-and-mortar retail store.

Travel restrictions were put in place as nations tried to curb the pandemic. So there was no way that I could think of traveling the world and living that fancy life of having dinner in Paris, sleeping in the Hawaii island, or going to Dubai for the weekend. Even internal travel from one county to the other was made difficult. I, therefore, had to stay home.

Social distancing meant that I could not spend much time with friends as I would have loved. In fact, meeting randomly was frowned at. Bars were closed. Churches too were put under lock.

All this created a paradigm shift in me. Today success does not mean living a fanciful life. It now means the following:

Being alive and healthy

I have seen relatives struggle after the virus hit them. I have attended burials of people who succumbed to the pandemic. I appreciate life more today.

Spending more time with family

The period that we have all been forced to work from home has made me appreciate my family more. They are the ones who will be with me even when push comes to shove. So I really need to spend quality time with them, homeschool them since schools are closed, laugh with them at simple jokes and watch family shows that are great for all of us.

Working out together

Working from home could get you fat in no time. During this period, we have made it a point to work out more together as a family so that we can be all fit and boost our immunity. It is indeed very romantic to do this. We are able to be accountable to each other and so my spouse will point out when I miss my morning exercise routine or when I indulge too much in eating candy.

Playing games together

Before the pandemic, I spent little leisure time with my family. Today, I have the whole day with them. I, therefore, had to devise ways to enjoy the ample time that we are together with them. Playing online games has proved to be a great pastime. We all love PKV card games that are intuitive, sophisticated and enjoyable. One can play them on the pkv games on their computer browsers or on Android and iOs devices.

Taking my business online

I have had to take my business online where I deal with customers’ orders without necessarily having to meet them physically. This has proved to be invaluable since I am able to have lots of time improving the user experience of customers who visit my website. I have also been able to get a wider audience who engage with my social media content.