The work tactics and preferences around the world are revolutionizing with each passing day. With the event of the covid-19 pandemic, billions of people around the world are affected. Many of them have lost their loved ones, and several others are struggling hard with the loss of jobs. 

Right since the implementation of social distancing measures, the businesses have started remote work operations. Most of the employees these days are working from home, and they are making hard efforts to adjust to this new normal. 

There is no doubt to say that the mental health of individuals was already cracking due to hectic work routines before the lockdown, and now the stress of the pandemic is making it worse. As most of the people these days are spending time alone at home, the feeling of isolation is making things complicated in their life. Studies reveal that a wide range of people are experiencing mental health problems, and it is going to be troublesome with the changing work trends. 

We never know how long we have to follow the social distancing measures. Many organizations have even decided to opt for remote work routines post-pandemic as well. But this new approach may affect the state of well-being of employees. Not all of them feel comfortable working from home. The missing coffee breaks, gossiping with co-workers, and touch with friends may affect their psychological, social, and emotional well-being. It may further leave a considerable impact on our relationships and work performance as well. 

It is important to understand that everyone needs to prioritize their mental health, and the tactics should be aligned to future work routines. Here we have listed few important aspects of how future work may affect your mental health directly:

Distressed employees are looking for support from technology instead of humans

Mental illness is leaving a considerable impact on people, especially those who work all the time behind closed doors. During the pandemic, millions of people are living with the fear of losing their job, and many others are already fired. In this scenario, they are highly affected by stress and anxiety. But the truth is that instead of talking to their near and dear ones regarding this situation, they are struggling with technology support. Instead of reaching for professional help, they are looking for Artificial Intelligence-based systems to prevent burnout. In this scenario, it is good to offer some positive benefits of technology to the employees. 

Employers need to give more priority to the mental health

There is a considerable shift in the mental health priorities of individuals. The new generation is more concerned about their mental health, and they choose work roles carefully to ensure complete peace of mind. In this scenario, employers also need to think about the welfare of employees, their families and ensure them a long-term financial future. The job and career perspectives must be aligned to the mental health priorities so that employees can enjoy better overall well-being. They must be provided with an encouraging and positive work environment where they can enjoy enhanced productivity levels. The comfortable office furniture, work desks, and custom made sofas must be an important addition to the work environment.