Empowering your employees is not only helpful for their personal growth and development, it’s fantastic for your long-term business growth and success.

Whether it’s paying for books they are interested in, spontaneous trips, or online courses they want to take, investing in your employees is a must.

Here are three brands that are doing this currently that can teach you more about employee empowerment in the modern era.

1. LastPass

Lastpass is a cloud-based password manager that promises to “simplify your life online.”

And directly on their website, they immediately state their intent to empower their employees to work remotely, while also helping other brands to follow suit:

Providing education reimbursement and financial assistance, LastPass is dedicated to helping their employees succeed. Consider using online resources like language tutoring, online courses, and more, to empower your employees for growth.

These options can help inspire your team to learn new skills and further their own development in an enjoyable, empowering setting.

2. JoyOrganics

JoyOrganics is a family founded, family owned business with 39 employees under their wing:

As a small yet growing company, they’ve made news headlines across the United States for their innovative products, branching into the sports and fitness arenas.

As a growing company, they pride themselves on one thing: employee-centric growth. With business systems in place, employees don’t have to ask for anything. Instead, it’s simply part of the onboarding process!

Managing a process like this for employee development and empowerment can be difficult on your own. But, thankfully you can use different tools like Frevvo’s simple workflow software for needs like this, allowing you to efficiently manage employee happiness from onboarding to travel and more:

In addition, for new hires, create an FAQ page on your jobs or hiring section of your website and list some of the employee benefits and empowerment you provide!

JoyOrganics is a shining example of how to systemize the process of employee empowerment, ensuring it’s ready to go for every employee, anytime.

3. Supply Co.

Supply Co promises the best shave of your life with their razors, and even more as an employee of the fast-growing brand.

Supply Co quickly caught fame in 2019 for appearing on the TV show Shark Tank. On their Shark Tank appearance, the wellness brand landed a $300,000 offer from Robert Herjavec:

Supply on Shark Tank
Source: Common Thread Collective

Since then, Supply Co has grown year over year, increasing both sales and their employees.

On social feeds, they consistently showcase and promote a work life balance for their employees:

Source: Supply co Instagram

Supply Co can teach us that employee empowerment comes in many forms, beyond material goods, coffee, and education stipends. It also exists in promoting work-life balance, mental health, and most important of all: happiness.

Over to you

Employees are more than just a workforce to keep the engines running. They are what truly make your brand successful.

For happier employees and more growth, empower them through education, resources, promoting a work-life balance, and better employee development.