Christian J Smith, professionally known as “Mr. Frost”,  is a 19 year old entrepreneur, and one of the youngest, successful traders in his industry. He is a source of inspiration for many because of his powerful community, FrostFXTheMarketMasters, with hundreds of members from across 15+ countries that produces real results for people and changes lives. Now, at 19 years old, he is averaging well over $25,000 per month as a trader, as well an extra $10,000+ per month from mentorships and his online business. Through his journey with FrostFXTheMarketMasters, Mr. Frost has been able to use his talent to help so many different people in the industry, reach financial success.

From the very start, Mr. Frost always possessed an ability to see things in unique and creative ways, he had a true creative vision. This same vision was able to translate to his success on the charts in the market, many years later.

“I went from being an artist on pen and paper, to an artist on the charts,” he says.

Once he began highschool, things started to change for him. He began developing more self- awareness, and awareness to the world around him, truly becoming more of his own person. In highschool, he joined track and cross country, where Mr. Frost learned that time is our most valuable currency.

“In order for me to achieve excellence, and to reach the next level I would have to persevere, put in the time, and sacrifice for my dreams. Because if you don’t sacrifice for your dreams, your dream becomes the sacrifice,” he states. 

Mr. Frost is the founder of the brand , an educational platform and community where people learn how to trade in the Forex Market, and connect with other like minded individuals in the industry, spreading value.

Their main focus is to spread love, wealth, and knowledge. Aside from providing his clients with a structured educational course, his main work is mentoring people within the FrostFX community.

“I host webinars in real-time, within the market, during the trading week where we hop on the charts – we look over trades we have taken, trades we plan to take, and overall continue building the foundation and understanding for how the market moves -both fundamental and technical analysis – using that knowledge, skill, and experience to become consistently profitable within the market,” he stresses.

Their main goal, and the end result is for people to develop self-sufficiency within the market, thus leading them to profitability over time. 

Mr. Frost is a big believer in the famous quote, “Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime.” 

When people get into the market they tend to just see the money, thinking it will come easy, or they’ll expect others  to do all of the work for them, without any effort on their end.

“If I were to die, what would happen to those people that are dependent on others and did not learn how to fish? They would starve. Thus why my main role is in teaching people how to fish within this market, so that whether it’s now in the future, a person can choose to walk away from FrostFX and still have a money-making skill set that will last them for a lifetime,” he emphasizes.

Mr. Frost wants to emphasize to those getting into trading the importance of being a student, and always continuing to learn, especially if they wish to become financially independent. Mr. Frost also shares “The main key to success is in a person taking the time to invest into their education, having patience to learn and practice trading until things click for them, and most importantly work on building up capital that they can use when they are ready to make the jump and trade live within the market. This is a 5.3 trillion dollar a day market, which means there is literally no limit to the amount of money that one can make, however it is a person’s skill level, appetite for risk, and capital on hand that determines that outcome long term. In a market where the odds are statistically stacked against you, a person should ensure that they are doing the best they can to rig the odds in their favor by investing in their education, learning from those having success, and developing an edge,”.  

“Trading is a skill that requires the ability for a person to pull together a tumultuous set of data from the charts, all in real-time, and make coherent decisions from it, while also simultaneously making split second decisions based on this data and their intuition in order to make profits on them. Not everyone has the capability of doing this, since most never stick around long enough to develop the skills needed to successfully trade,” he says.

He doesn’t want people to just quit their 9-5 because he understands not everyone has the luxury of being exposed to this market, much less knows where to start. This is why communities like FrostFXTheMarketMasters are so important.

“The simple and brutally honest answer is that not everyone is built to be a trader, or even an entrepreneur period, and are much better off at their 9-5 job for they are not willing to make sacrifices, and would rather play it safe in life. There is nothing wrong with that, however you can’t ever expect to achieve great heights in your life by just being like everyone else. A person will never build wealth on just income from a job alone, which is a level most people stay at just working their day jobs,” he states.

Mr. Frost has made it his mission to spread love, wealth, and knowledge through FrostFXTheMarketMasters. His goal is to open doors for people by providing them with the same opportunities that he had. changing their lives by harnessing the power of this market and capitalizing on it. He wants to give people the proper guidance and support to help them get through the struggles they are facing, and guide their way to success. This is why FrostFXTheMarketMasters has grown to be the powerful platform and community that it is today, with hundreds of students now in over 15+ countries.