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Self-Care and Business.

“care for oneself .”

Mariam Webster Dictionary

This is a simple definition about keeping both body and mind intact. Even while you pursue your endeavors. A lot of people lose themselves in their quest to be successful and end up not reaching their goals or burning out quickly to their own detriment.

Trying to start a business and being a very health-conscious person, I always looked for ways to balance out an entrepreneurial life with a good personal life that doesn’t leave me lacking in other important aspects of life.

selfcare and business

I decided to speak to one of my mentors, a well-respected and successful entrepreneur, Mandy M. With a pocket full of dreams and an insightful outlook on life, Mandy had left his home in India at a very young age and moved to Melbourne, Australia with only a few bucks in his pocket. He struggled a lot and even did some odd jobs until he got an idea to start a taxi business. It was the major twist in his career. He invested whatever money he saved into the taxi company, and tried hard to make it a success. Ultimately, his hard work and dedication paid off and in 2009 he decided to set up a small packing and moving company with a friend and a two-ton van. Since then, he never looked back.

Talking with Mandy, I wanted to know how he balanced out running CBD Movers, a multinational transport company that operated throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, India, and the Philippines and healthy life. According to him, he uses his talent and experience to develop the best business practices that greatly differ from others in terms of service quality and affordability. Then as a hard-working and intelligent Entrepreneur, he sets strong goals for himself both in his business and his personal life. Making sure to balance out entrepreneurial excellence with a healthy lifestyle to achieve the best performance in all aspects of his life. So, while you are taking care of business, remember to take care of yourself as well. This smart and healthy habit has helped him stay active and increased his productivity so much he delved into real estate and business development services as well.

Here are some tips from Mandy on Running a Successful Business.

1.    Find and improve unique Methods to Exceed Customer Expectations

Improve business methods

According to Mandy, his company CBD Movers became Australia’s number one moving company by taking customer service into the highest consideration and implementing best practices to ensure customer satisfaction and meeting customer expectations exceedingly. He said he did this by using a range of cost-effective residential, commercial, corporate and international moving solutions. He invested a lot of resources into enhancing company infrastructure, employees, vehicle fleets and other resources needed to guarantee fast, simple and secure transport facilities to their clients at a fair price. This worked like magic, leading to several returning customers, referrals and lots of new customers. This, in turn, led to the business growing into unbelievable heights and expanding into other countries like New Zealand, Canada, the UK, India, and the Philippines in line with the companies’ vision to serve individuals around the globe. This means that you should continually invest in improving yourself and your business.

This rings true because another friend of mine who happens to be a really successful businessman always said he spends a lot of money training and retraining himself and his staff in several new and updated business courses to ensure that his business moves with the times, is updated and not left behind in the commercial race. So, continually improving your business methodologies, infrastructure, and assets to ensure top-notch and quality service to customers is always a bright idea.

best customer services

2.    Show your Passion and Implement a Customer-Centric Approach

Use innovative business policies, as well as reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions to take care of every requirement of your customers. Go out of your way to make your services the best they ever had. Mandy says his company implements this by making sure any complex relocation job is executed as convenient and stress-free as possible. Show your passion and enthusiasm for the services you are rendering so the customer can know that you love doing it. This would keep them coming back.

“We strive to expand our performance in areas where results are already strong while addressing those aspects of our performance with the greatest potential for improvement. I am pleased to say that we are achieving these objectives. Once again, we owe credit to all our network partners, team members and a loyal customer base who helped us achieve these outcomes. I am sure the growth rate will be 5 times higher in our business in the next 5 years than the growth already achieved in the past ten years. We trust in the four different assets, namely our team-people, resources, commitment, and customer service.”

Mandy M

3.    Establish a Simple and Transparent Business Process.

According to Mandy M, it is important for a business to establish working and efficient processes that make delivery of services and goods to the customers as easy and simple as possible. Regardless of whatever business you do, it is important that the end result gets to its destination.

positive services

He said he accomplishes this in his company through a simple and transparent process which helps his company to accomplish the varying needs of customers as regards their different transport needs. So in order to achieve the ultimate aim of his moving business, which is to ensure the total satisfaction of customers on all stages of a transport process, from their first booking to the safe arrival of the customer’s goods at a new location. He has implemented upgraded and automated systems to make it simpler and more flexible for the clients and staff members to locate or track the real-time updates of every order.


According to Mandy, the overriding philosophy of every successful business is putting customers at the heart of everything they do. Focusing on increased turnover, increased sales, and profits would be pointless if customer services and expectations are not being met. A happy customer ensures a growing business.


Interview with Mandy M – Founder of CBD MOVERS

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