Andrew Goligowski’s journey began in 2005 when he met Aaron Christensen while serving in the United States Air Force together. They quickly became best friends from day one when they met in leadership courses.  As time went on, Aaron Christensen hired him as his Chief Operations Officer for his Automotive Repair business. Aaron, along with his brother Bryan Christensen, have four locations in Northern Nevada and one location in South Lake Tahoe California. Aaron and Andrew had so much success running the operations that they decided to start another business together coaching and consulting. This business is now called Double Lincoln. At Double Lincoln, they advise many different clients in many different situations. They work to help clients improve as an individual, or help their business improve with a successful rate of over 30% within the first 30 days of perfecting their skills and hyper-focusing on challenges that they may have.

What motivated Andrew and his partner to start Double Lincoln Enterprises was all the horrible coaches and consultants that they hired to help them with Christensen Automotive. All of the average people that were giving out horrible advice forced them to get into the consulting business.

“When you find yourself complaining about something, you just have to join it and overpower it,” he says.

This is where they jumped in and studied, dug in and self-reflected, and came up with their own method to become successful. Now they are ready to share those secrets with the world.

For Andrew and his team, there is no competition. They firmly believe that they are the only ones in this market that can take clients to the next level or the level that they don’t even know exists. This mindset is what has allowed Andrea to have the success he has had in his business.

“Your mindset needs to be like mine was when I was a K9 handler in Iraq looking for bombs and of course finding them.  Steel trap. We can help with that,” he emphasizes.

His fear of failing is what drives him everyday in everything that he does. It is what keeps him sharp and ready to take anything on. With the right mindset, fear can be the push that brings you the success you are searching for.

For those looking to start their own business, Andrew believes that you need to find that certain someone. He believes you cannot do it alone, instead he believes in building your team and hiring the right coach, mentor, or consultant.

“Get help, pay the professionals. I tried for so long to do it on my own. I was wrong, build that team,” he advises.

Having recently added Double Lincoln as the newest addition to their already many stores, Andrew and his team are focusing on continuing its growth while also expanding their Christensen Automotive brand into new areas. Andrew Goligowski has focused on leveling up his clients and helping them reach levels they never imagined. While they continue to expand in their business ventures, they will also continue changing the lives of their clients, and that of their businesses.

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