Twenty-five years ago, Sean Castrina was let go from his dream job that he had gone to college for. It was then that he realized that as an employee, you have no job security. He decided to start his own company and now, more then twenty companies later, Sean is a very successful entrepreneur, bestselling author, and highly sought after speaker, teacher, and business coach.

Sean has no set industry. His companies range from retail, property management and development, direct mail, and consulting, to home services. He has also authored multiple books and resource for business owners and entrepreneurs. Sean owns many service companies since they require no inventory, and labor is usually based on labor contracted – no dead money.

“Service companies are easy to create a unique selling position and are typically profitably from almost day one if you choose the right one,” he shares. 

Sean’s passion for business and specifically the Startup phase has led him to write countless articles and write books.. His first hand experience allows him to write from a practical and applicable style.

“I knew that most startups failed and mine statistically did much better so I sat down and began writing what I did that worked and what I did that did not,” he says. 

He now has a widely listened to podcast called The Ten Minute Entrepreneur Podcast where he teaches the lessons he has learned and the ones he is continuing to learn.

Mindset has been critical for Sean. After being let go with no warning, given two weeks severance pay, and having just bought a home and a new born child, Sean was facing some of the most difficult moments in his life. When he decided to start building multiple companies in industries he knew nothing about, he knew he had to have the right mindset in order to succeed.

“Show me a man with no confidence and I will show you a loser every time. You have got to believe you will succeed,” he emphasizes.

His biggest advice for those trying to start their own business is to start with a profitable idea.

“There is a market wanting what you are offering. Build a great team. Build a Brand from day one. Protect yourself and your business. Know Your Numbers. Always be Learning,” he advises.

Unlike many business and self help authors, Sean continues to start and build companies which makes his lessons and books advise and lessons current. He is wrapping up this third book titled, “THINKING! Just like Great Entrepreneurs”, and continuing to expand on his vast business portfolio.

Sean’s mission is to equip entrepreneurs and business owners for success. Through his multiple books, podcast, webinars, and events, Sean is helping his clients build a business that is profitable and one they can be proud of. Having started at twenty-three years old and not having stopped since, Sean Castrina is truly an inspiration to all entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

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