Many of us are lucky if we can take what we love and turn it into our own business. Not everyone is fortunate enough to do what they truly love for a living. Peter John Anadio was able to create a business out of his passion for sports.

“It all started at 5 years old when I stepped onto the diamond and fell in love with sports. The competitiveness, the camaraderie with my teammates, and the lessons I learned helped me for years to come with business and life. My sport was baseball. From 5 years old, till about 18. I had a knack for predicting the unknown. Guessing pitches, anticipating hops in the infield, judging fly balls off the bat, and understanding the opposing players tendencies. It came naturally to me.” Remembers Peter.

His love went beyond his childhood. Peter began playing competitively year round throughout highschool, but injuries slowed him down. After highschool, he was managing a gym, working overtime, and doing some sports betting on the side to ensure that he could afford his education. 

“I lost the love for playing competitive baseball and decided not to play college ball. I then Enrolled at Florida Atlantic University in pursuit of a double major in Business and Criminal Justice with plans to go to law school. My parents always told me I’d be a great lawyer because I was so good at arguing. It also helped that my mom was one of the top paralegals in South Florida. 

Affording college was going to be an issue. I had to figure out something I could do to afford it and be able to maintain a fun and memorable college life. Being around gambling my whole life, I thought, why not make it a way to make some extra cash. My grandfather was an amazing horse handicapper who then passed it down to my dad who was also good at sports handicapping. My distant family owned horse race barns in upstate New York near Saratoga as well. So I started betting on sports when I was a freshman in college. I was always looking for an edge of some sort. I then started to analyze trends and the analytical aspect of certain players and teams. It became a job and I became more confident in my sports bets. I began using any extra money I had to bet on sports and ended up winning tens of thousands of dollars betting on sports over the next two years.” Explains Peter.

This is when he thought of creating the business that he runs today, Sports Bet Expert. Essentially, Peter combined his two loves, sports and betting, and created a business where he could teach people how to bet effectively and find the best team(s) to bet on using algorithms, analytics, and human intuition. Peter was still working at the gym, but knew that this was not a long term career for him. 

“The gym I was managing was full of high profile and successful individuals. Steve Martorano and Scottie Pippen were just a few names of people who worked out there. It was inspirational to talk to such friendly, hardworking, and successful people who I had the privilege of assisting. Steve grew up in South Philly making homemade cheesesteaks out of his mom’s basement who then became a successful chef and restaurant owner opening restaurants throughout the United States. If anyone knew about dedication and hardwork it was Steve. Steve knew I was a sports geek and that I played baseball my whole life so he would ask me, Yo Cuz who ya like today in the games? I would always tell him without hesitation. One day, after weeks of following my advice, he told me to come outside to his car. I hopped into his fancy hardtop convertible Maserati and he said to me: “Yo kid, you got a serious skill here. You’re consistently picking winners like I’ve never seen before.” The rest is history and I started Sports Bet Expert. I am extremely thankful and will forever remember Steve for willing this business out of me.” Recalls Peter.

For Peter, he was able to harness his skill and give it back to the people around him. His business has become so successful that he can now enjoy giving back to his family for supporting him throughout his childhood. 

“If it wasn’t for my parents I wouldn’t be the successful businessman I am today. My parents sacrificed a lot to enroll me at the best private schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. As parents they taught me the meaning of working hard whether it was on the sports field, in the classroom, or to be the best most respectful person I could be day in and day out. It was always in my mind to give back to them and take care of them for the rest of their lives.” Peter says.

Though he is now a successful business owner, Peter struggled at the beginning of his career to maintain his lifestyle and create a work-life balance and schedule. For years at the gym, he had been working throughout the majority of the day and night, nearly all week to barely have enough to scrape by. Now, he has a growing business where he is making 7 figures, and wanted to apply the same work ethic, but quickly realized that it was not sustainable.

“Sports Bet Expert, Corp. went from doing 10,000.00 a year to now pushing over 7 figures with over 25000+ clients worldwide. I thought to myself, how can you enjoy success and the fruits of your labor when you have no life? Getting lost in overworking and success is something you have to avoid. Maintain a life. Maintain family relationships and friendships. Don’t lose sight of the things you enjoy to relieve your stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you own your own business you can get very caught up trying to perfect everything. Dedicate time for work and don’t forget to have a life too.” Advises Peter. 

Peter has created one of the top sports consulting firms in the world. He successfully helps clients profit in over 190 different countries daily. In the future, he has plans to further expand his business in the sports gambling industry. To find out more about Peter’s business, visit the website


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