Personal development and biohacking is growing at an exponential rate. Finally people see the value in upgrading their minds and bodies. The issue is that there is a bit of an information overload. People are pumping out courses and products everyday. But where do you begin?

Ultiself is here to help. It’s an all in one actionable app that uses Artificial intelligence to help you identify the most effective habits for you and integrate them into your life so that you can actually get measurable results. 

It is being created by veteran entrepreneur, Alex Nekritin. And is the first and only actionable personal development tool to hit the market.

“The personal development and biohacking industry is a 10 billion dollar industry that is primarily content and product driven. But the part that was missing was implementation. Ultiself solves that.” Alex states.

Ultiself helps people discover good habits based on areas they want to improve, implement these habits into their daily lives with a powerful tracker, identify which habits have the greatest impact on their life, and make it all stick with gamification. 

“As an entrepreneur, I am always trying to be my best self in order to take on the daily challenges of running and growing multiple business ventures. Unfortunately, taking courses, buying books and attending seminars only gets me halfway there, because implementation is often overlooked.” Alex says.

The biggest challenge when starting a business, according to Alex, is marketing. Alex, who is personally very passionate about content and has an amazing team of scientists on the advisory board, is also spending a lot of money to bring an amazing very high quality product to the market. But what has been challenging is getting people to see this product.

“The biggest issue I have had thus far is getting eyeballs on the product. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and bringing a high quality product is my top priority. For this reason, I am really banking on referrals and content shares.” Alex explains.

Alex was first inspired to get into the industry by his own personal problems. He had anxiety issues when he was in his early 20s, and what helped him through was watching an infomercial of a set of tapes called “Attacking Anxiety and Depression” by Lucinda Bassett. 

“I then bought that course and following some advice from those tapes absolutely changed my life.” Alex shares. “Since then, I was absolutely hooked on personal development.”

Focusing on his own personal development helped Alex succeed in his life. He was able to build and sell two very successful businesses, to travel the world and to spend time with his family and friends. To this day, he continues to track and build good habits every day, which he thinks is essential for his success. This is something that Ultiself can help other people accomplish.

“I have a few pieces of advice for those starting their business. To focus on as few things as possible, to make sure that your business model is as simple as possible, and to start simple.” Alex advises. “As an entrepreneur, there is no better feeling than making your first profit on a product or service you sell. Get to that as quickly as possible.”

For Alex, fear is made up of self-limiting beliefs, which is also known as monkey mind. This refers to how the brain tends to prefer that you stay exactly where you are because it perceives your current state as safe. So if you start to advance or change some of the things in your life, your brain will trip you up.

“The key is managing those thoughts properly so that they don’t take control of you. It’s a never ending battle and something you need to always work for.” Alex says.

Alex’s hope is to change the world with his app and make an impact. He wants to help people become their best selves and live up to their potential by being healthier, brighter, more productive and living longer. 

Right now, Alex is working on completing the app and creating some funnels to get it in front of people. The team behind the app is made up of psychologists, neuroscientists, nutritionists and data analysts. Accordingly, Alex may roll the app out together with a course so that people can learn how to improve themselves and use the app as a tool to do that.

“The mission of Ultiself is to create actionable self and life improvement tools. After the release of Ultiself, we have plans for apps and tools that will help people optimize their sleep, manage their goals, tasks and objectives, maximize the benefit they get from their business and social network, and more.” Alex shares.

To learn more about Alex’s work and Ultiself, go here.


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