Many sales trainers in the world no longer sell. They teach what they used to know and applied when they were successful sellers. However, that cannot be a reference for sales today, as it is an ever changing market.

Erik Fisher is a sales expert and trainer who continues to sell. He went from being completely broke at the age of 26 to becoming a millionaire at the age of 37 years old. His approach to Business to Business (B2B) sales is intelligence-based, with no gimmicks, and focused on the long-game.

“My approach to B2B sales has allowed me to amass millions in revenue and impact my customers in a positive way, driving significant change in the businesses of several multinational Fortune 500 companies.” Erik says.

Erik has now started his own sales coaching business, while continuing to sell as a client services executive in his organization. He has also authored a book on sales prospecting, which covers the approach salespeople should take to grab the attention of modern buyers in order to build an overflowing pipeline of customers.

“I was motivated to start my business because sales changed my life, and I want the same for others.” Erik shares. “Learning how to sell has so many positive benefits that flow down to other aspects of your life, such as being able to convince others to get your way, helping others achieve their goals, and obtaining business acumen.”

According to Erik, sales is the nucleus of every business. Without sales, no business will grow. In any organization, the sales department or team plays one of the most crucial roles. In fact, sales done right can be a very rewarding and lucrative thing for any business, and for any successful salesperson.

“I started my business because I see many people struggle in sales and never reach their potential. They end up quitting.” Erik adds. “But I also see a plethora of sales training geared towards Business to Consumers (B2C) sales, which do not apply to selling B2B, which is far more complex.”

Through his work, Erik can train sellers in B2B sales. He believes that quality over quantity is the golden rule, and that when you combine good quality with quantity, the sky’s the limit. Erik wants to share what he knows with others so they can get that far too. 

“With the strategies, tactics and concepts I teach in my sales training, average salespeople can become great and drastically change their lives through more income, confidence, financial stability, leadership, and many other opportunities.” Erik says.

For Erik, the biggest challenge when starting a business is getting started and putting one foot in front of the other. To actually put together a plan and start it is the hardest, but for him, an imperfect plan trumps no plan at all.

“Mindset is the single most important factor when starting your own business. If you can’t visualize it, it’s highly likely you won’t achieve it. Visions change but every great business starts with vision.” Erik emphasizes.

It is important to believe in yourself when nobody else does, which can only be done by mastering the mind. Erik thinks this is highly important because it will help all business owners to overcome their experiences with failure.

“It’s how people learn from their failures and keep pushing ahead that separates those that succeed and those that don’t.” Erik shares.

In addition, Erik also believes in the power of improvement. He thinks business owners should always be learning, because “if you aren’t growing, you are going backwards.” Moreover, Erik recommends getting a mentor.

“Find someone who is already doing what you want to do or something similar. Invest in your personal development and mirror what is already working. Create valuable, authentic, genuine content daily.” Erik advises.

In the world of sales, fear comes up as the “what if’s”, which according to Erik, do not happen usually and tend to be made up in people’s heads. In order to overcome fear, it is important to grow your skills and invest in yourself. This will also lead to success.

Success, which means something different to every person, has meant different things to Erik. At first, it meant financial gain. Today, it means being a good father and husband for his family, growing his legacy, and seeing the number of people he can impact with his work.

Erik’s next projects include publishing his new book on sales prospecting and launching along with it a digital course on B2B sales. While he does all this, he will continue to sell.

“Many trainers no longer sell. I’m still in the trenches daily and come up with new strategies and tactics that I test in the real world. I won’t teach anything that I’m not using currently.” Erik states.

More information on the release of Erik’s new book can be found here .


  • Sofia Vargas

    Senior Associate

    Now Strategies Group

    Sofia Vargas is a senior associate at Now Strategies Group, a hybrid PR agency. Their diverse client base include top class entrepreneurs, public figures, influencers, and celebrities.