Ryan Gilpin always expected more out of life. While everyone was encoded from a very young age to get good grades in school, get into college, and get a job, Ryan knew there had to be more to his life. He is now one of the most successful traders in the Forex market, and owns the most effective educational platform there is for future traders.

Ryan made the decision to drop out of college, knowing it wasn’t the right path for him, but unsure of where life would take him. He worked a couple of jobs, only getting paid 9K a year. This was until he discovered foreign exchange trading on a Facebook post. Someone said they were making $500 a day, while he was only making $750 a month. His first year of trading wasn’t very easy, he lost 8k on just the second month, but it was something that he found very simple to do. In his third month trading, Ryan was able to make 20K and was finally able to walk away from his 9-5 job. 

Living in Miami, Ryan always saw the mansions, the cars, the different lifestyles people lived, and knew he wanted a piece of that. Through foreign exchange, Ryan was able to achieve the lifestyle he dreamed of. So he decided to go all in on trading and launched his first company. Not only was Ryan excellent at what he did, but he was able to help thousands of people reach the same heights. 

Ryan is a full time foreign exchange trader turned teacher. In 2016, Ryan decided to open up another company, Technical Prosperity, which brings in over five to six figures a month, and has thousands and thousands of client success stories. It is the most effective educational platform for those seeking to learn how to trade in the Forex market. He offers students online courses and in-person, hands on seminars to help turn them into successful traders.

His willpower to keep succeeding is what has made him the successful entrepreneur he is today. Time and time again, he found himself failing, but he took every failure as a lesson. He realized that to get over obstacles he had to persevere.

“If you want something, and you see it, you can’t let anything get in the way, no family, no friends, nothing can get in your way. You have to go out there and get it. You have to have a drive to succeed,” he says. 

His motivation to get started in his business came from his own success in trading. Once he began posting his success story on social media, people were bombarding him with questions and asking for his help. Ryan began helping people for free, until he realized his time was valuable. So he knew he had to start a real business where he would be able to take on this challenge and continue to grow. He also loved that he was able to trade from anywhere on his phone, all he needed was an internet connection. The biggest motivator though, came from the fact that the Forex industry is the biggest industry in the world, bringing in 5.3 trillion dollars a day. This allowed Ryan to network and do business with people from all around the world. It has opened endless doors for him in his career. 

One of the biggest challenges he faced when starting his business was the hate he received from people. He was told his business wouldn’t succeed, that there was no future in what he was doing. He has now been in the business for five years and has shown no signs of slowing down. 

Ryan stands out from the competition because he has been doing this long before anyone else was. To him, there is no competition besides himself. He is just focused on what he can do better today, and how he can help others be better too.

On a day to day basis, Ryan receives proof of his clients success from his program. He is currently 100% focused on continuing his own personal growth in the trading world, continuing to expand his business, and continuing to mentor future traders on how to find their own success in the industry.