In the world of social media there are so many Instagram fitness models, but after awhile they all start to look the same, except this exotic beauty who is gaining lots of attention. Called Goddess Eri by many of her followers she is a unique combination of exotic beauty and perfect genetics. As the bible says… God made women and she was perfect and this could not be more true of this Latin Goddess.   

You would expect this genetic freak of nature who some would say is flawless to be self absorbed, but that could not be further from the truth. When we sat down to speak with her and conduct the interview we were surprised by how humble and down to earth she was.

Eri said, “Too much emphasis is placed on physical appearance and lookshe pressure women feel to be beautiful and accepted is too much in our society.”

Eri is quick to point out that real beauty comes from the inside and from the heart of the person. She says that as a society we need to place more value on the character of people rather than on how they look on the outside. Even with her definition of beauty more inwardly focused she says we want the outside to be as beautiful as possible too.

Eri has a heartfelt message to all women in an effort to inspire and motivate them to accept themselves. She seeks to encourage women of all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness to understand that they are beautiful and should feel so in their own unique way. Flaws make us what we are and true beauty is not defined by how you look, but by who you are on the inside.

“A confident woman who doesn’t live by the judgment of others and accepts and loves herself is beautiful,” says Eri. 

Eri herself has felt the pressure of society to conform to social standards and has struggled to come to a place of loving and accepting herself no matter how critical others can be. This Latin beauty keeps herself and her schedule very busy and although she is always booked out weeks in advance, she has found time to recently launch a fitness boutique as well.  

“This can be difficult to do when you have to manage work, traveling and doing photo shoots, developing a website, creating blogs and content, taking on endorsement opportunities, developing my Amazon store, training hard at the gym, competing in an NPC contest, and pursuing my fitness journey all while trying to create my own brand of fitness clothing,” she says. 

Her new clothing line features her signature silhouette logo and offers leggings, sports bras, crop tops, hats and hoodies.  She has created all the designs and has been hands on with every aspect of the store.

Eri educates her followers on health and fitness through her motivational Instagram posts and through her website, where she writes fitness blogs and offers healthy eating advice. She seeks to motivate women to accept themselves, to be confident and to love their bodies in all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness so they can be the best they can be! A woman’s body should not be the standard for her self love and worth.

Eri has been featured in articles such as Top 8 Instagram Models with Best Abs and Top 10 Most inspirational Instagram Models. She is a national physique bikini competitor and is trained in Denver by Adam Bonilla of Elite Physique Fitness. She understands the challenges that come with eating and training to be at a world class level. The fitness life has become more than a goal, it is her lifestyle.  

She has been extremely busy in 2019 and we cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for this Latina business beauty.

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