It is clear when someone is driven by passion and creativity. Their products showcase determination and talent. The producer of that product enjoyed creating it, and in being able to sense this, the product succeeds.

That is how it is in the world of music, where many entrepreneurs and dreamers hustle to make a living and reach their goals. This is the case of Rob Roots, known as Flow 187. He was born in Queens, NY, but also lived in Florida, Georgia and now California. He was first introduced to music when he was 12 years old, and assisted the engineering of music sessions for rappers and singers. 

“At 14, I started to rap and learn about music production. At 18, I published a book titled ‘Falling Isn’t Failing’, which gained endorsements from people like Florida state senator Daryl Jones and former Ohio representative Les Brown, as well as late actor and community activist Tommy Ford.” Flow 187 shares.

In “Falling Isn’t Failing”, Rob shares some of his experiences growing up with the goal of teaching youth how to set and achieve goals, and how to turn obstacles into opportunities. After the success of his book, Rob continued to grow his brand in many different niches within the music industry, such as videography, photography, talent bookings, songwriting, and music production.

“I have worked with artists and brands like D4L, Trillville, French Montana’s Coke Boys, Hood Rich Films and more.” Flow 187 adds. “My music has been featured on many major hip hop blogs like Hype magazine, HipHop Weekly, Hip Hop Since 1989, Hot New Hip Hop and XXL magazine.”

In addition to working in the entertainment and music business, Rob also launched a new cannabis strain called “Potent Roots.” This strain has caught the attention and endorsement from major celebrities such as George (Boston George) Jung, LOX, Jadakiss, Styles P & Sheek Louch, Blacc Chyna, Cookies Melrose Owner, Daz Dillinger from Snoop Doggs’ DPG, and Jason Weaver.

“I got into the music and entertainment industry because of my love for music and movies, and because I wanted to get paid for doing something I love to do.” Flow 187 says. “The biggest challenge for me was being consistent.”

Rob admits that when you start a business or a new brand, there are many challenges and successes, but as he says in his book, failing isn’t falling and in order to achieve success in life and business, you have to be resilient and consistent. Another crucial element in achieving success is mindset.

“Mindset is everything when starting a business. Ideally, you should have a winner’s mentality. You have to believe inside that you can be successful before anyone cosigns you or your talent. If you believe in yourself and give your all in everything you pursue, you increase your chances of achieving anything you want.” Flow 187 adds. “There are no guarantees, so it is important to take each experience as a lesson.”

Rob’s advice to those starting a business is to study their market first, rather than entering the industry blindly. He also advises to start but do not quit unless you see it is not for you or you no longer have a passion for it.

“I have been through every emotion chasing my goals, from extreme highs to frightening lows. But falling isn’t failing, and giving up on goals can lock yourself into a vicious cycle of being a quitter instead of an overcomer.” Rob states.

Success for Flow 187 is setting a goal and doing your best to achieve it, as well as holding yourself accountable in the process of achieving the goal. The biggest obstacle in this process will be getting distracted. In fact, Flow 187 manages multiple businesses and brands, and sometimes it is hard to find time to fully get engaged in his music. It is important to manage this obstacle in order to obtain or maintain financial freedom–the ability to create more opportunities while being able to provide your family with a financially stress-free lifestyle, according to Rob.

Flow 187’s next projects include building Youth Development Workshops, as well as music, health and wellness brands. He will also be releasing a new self-titled hip hop album “Flow 187” featuring music produced by him and featuring exclusive names. 

“What makes me different from the competition is my unique sound, drive and accomplishments. I don’t want to be like or emulate other musicians or brands. I love creating new waves.” Flow 187 concludes.

Rob Roots, aka Flow 187, is clearly driven by passion and creativity. He knew since he was a child that just getting a job to pay the bills was not going to make him happy. 

“The joy of taking nothing and turning it into something drives me.” He says. “As a Musician, I find it to be my obligation to be a creator and not just a consumer. This is the time to make a difference by adding your flavor to the world.”

To follow his journey and keep up with his new music releases and projects, go here.


  • Sofia Vargas

    Senior Associate

    Now Strategies Group

    Sofia Vargas is a senior associate at Now Strategies Group, a hybrid PR agency. Their diverse client base include top class entrepreneurs, public figures, influencers, and celebrities.