When I first started writing on Thrive Global, I was keen on getting a byline and ostentatiously showing it to friends. “Hey, look here. I was published on Thrive Global” And then I would write another post, get published and show it again to my friends. And then rinse and repeat. However after sometimes, I started paying attention to what other writers were doing on the platform. As they say, the best writers also happen to be very good readers. Since I was running out of content, I needed to also read so as to gain new inspiration and see things from new perspectives. And that was the best thing that I did!

I discovered that I am a voracious reader especially when it comes to matters burnout, mental illness as well success in business and the place of technology in transforming your business. Most of all, I like reading from Arianna Huffington especially when she writes about getting all technological gadgets away from the bedplace as well as why employers need to realize that when their employees thrive, their businesses are also on the path to success and growth.

On going for vacations and relaxing

Work without play makes Jack a dull boy. I never knew the importance of relaxing and going for vacay mood until I read on thrive global how people were coming back re-energized and ready to work extra harder after they went on holiday mood.

On automating my businesses since that is why technology should be doing for us

In the age of business disruption through technology, long gone are the days when you relied on doing things manually and expecting to get good feedback. Since I am in the online business world, I have been selling products and one thing that has really been a game changer for me is using retargeter which is a marketing feature that enables you to retarget customers who came to your online store, left without buying but might be interested in the same product later on. So what it does is that it follows them when surfing the web and pops up which could easily lead to potential leads.

On mental illness

One thing that has led to many deaths in Kenya today is mental illness. People are getting depressed, expressing that on social media and since no one seems to pay any attention, they go ahead and commit suicide which is not pleasant at all. Thrive global has played a key role in highlighting this as well as exploring ways in how it can be addressed.

On what millenials want in the modern workplace

Contrary to popular opinion that employees want money and lots of it if they are going to remain in the the same workplace and find satisfaction, millenials have defied the odds. They want to follow interests and things that help them find their path. I have been able to utilize this in hiring as well as retaining talents. Long gone are the days when you would pay your employees money so that they do not quit. Not for millenials. They want to pursue their interest and jobs that are going to help them do that.