Planning is the Key to Achieving

I love helping creative artists get noticed. Proud moment watching an artist you’ve invested in sing the National Anthem for the LA Lakers, for example, or perform on a big Vegas stage. But what value can you add to artists when the whole world is shut down? How do you represent when the venues are closed? The day I heard Broadway shuttered, I literally could hear Don McLean singing in my head: the day the music died. What seemed like it couldn’t last long, still persists. What can we do in the now?

Truth is, there is plenty we can all do while we take the #pause. 2020 is ending, and hope is on the horizon. Where will you be and what will you do when the planet is unmuted and we can live fully again? That depends on what you do in the now. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Be ready. When the floodgates open there will be a stampede of humanity ready to pounce. Be ready!

Personally, the pause has allowed me to level up in education and certifications, and to explore entirely new opportunities. What can you do now? There is so much available online – have you explored? Online classes, many of them free, abound. Focus on you in the now. Use this time for personal and professional growth. Dig deep, then dig deeper.

You can also go old school and get that journal and pen out. Taking stock of your strengths and weaknesses in the form of a life plan is an excellent way to jump into 2021. Take what’s spinning around in your brain and get it down on paper. There’s something about seeing it in front of you and being able to physically manipulate it with cross outs, arrows, circling, highlighting etc., that’s powerfully clarifying. Remember, you can’t arrive at a specific destination without the roadmap to get there. What concrete steps can you take now to move yourself one step closer to your goals? Use the pause. Think. Dream. Plan. Execute. The possibilities are endless.