Love in your 70’s

  Love is an important component of the human experience. But as we both experienced, it can be lost and that loss takes something away from life. We both wanted to experience love again, but where do we go, how do we do it and what do we do to find someone that we have chemistry with? These were the big questions facing each of us, and truthfully there is little experiential help out there.

We wrote a book for several reasons. First, we used the internet to meet and the path we traveled was a learning experience for both of us. It wasn’t accomplished without some scratches and bruises along the way.

Since we met and became a couple, we discovered numerous other couples our age and younger who had met as we did. We swapped stories, both good and bad. What became obvious was that for the vast majority of us, we all had to slog through the process to have that success yet we were all happy. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that this trip to success is full of sink holes, false starts and stops. To add to the difficulty, we found that for seniors (over 60), there is virtually nothing out there to help guide us through the rigors of Internet dating. Oh, there are a few self-declared “experts”; that being the case many have never been through the elation or disappointment that is often found when using internet dating sites. What is written seems more like someone’s effort to complete an academic thesis.

We wrote this book simply to help others get through the maze of internet dating using real world internet dating experiences. We hope to allay the fears of those of you who are not sure about internet dating using a step by step approach. We will give you some real-world guidance to this process from the prospective of both Dee and me. Finally, we want to help others miss the potholes and avoid the false starts and stops that many of us had.