At some point, we fail in life terribly. No one is perfect. We fail severally in life, more so when we crave success more than anything else. But if there is one realization that hits us over time is that accepting failure and taking the next step makes us stronger than before. 

Everyone fails at a certain point in life or even at something. However, what we shouldn’t accept is failing to try again. After failing the first time, we ought to head into the second trial believing that this time will be better. We are strong, courageous, and resilient to bounce back. That ability to try again is power. 

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So, what is the right answer to progressive failure? The solution to this question is right here.

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  1. Even though things didn’t go as planned, we are still OK

The first step to overcoming failure is to avoid catastrophizing it. We’re the ones who tried, so let’s embrace the failure of what we have achieved so far. When we fail at something, it is clear proof that we’re pushing ourselves to our limits, and at the end of the day, we may need to work out a thing or two before everything sets in place. 

Failure should not define us. On the contrary, what we achieve at long last, even if it is after failing a hundred times, is what brings us to light, the source of happiness that “I finally made it!” 

  1. Now we focus on things we can control

We need to understand that failure isn’t personal. Just because I could not get that new job or that promotion doesn’t mean I’m not good enough. Instead, it means I might not be pushing too hard, or I’m up against a more qualified individual. 

We failed, yes, but now one can put more effort into doing their best, focusing less on what one can’t control. Success is built on failures; the more we understand what works not for us, the closer we get to figuring what does.

  1. I might have failed severally, but I’m not a failure

Just because we have failed doesn’t mean we are failures. We succeed and shine in different areas, sectors, businesses, and careers. Failure does not break me down because every time I fail, I remind myself of other areas that I succeeded and that what keeps me going. 

Recalling the times we rebounded equips us with the courage to deal with failure again. 

  1. Finding support and inspiration from the successful ones

To succeed, we need to yearn more for success than dwell in our failures. Learn from those who have made it on what we’re pursuing, such as how they handled their setbacks and their source of enthusiasm and motivation. Well, it may not be about the current challenge, but it may help us shift our mindset back to the optimism we had before.  

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