We can’t be in a state for 24/7. Our mood and emotions change from time to time. So definitely everyone has to face sadness, disappointment and sometimes depressions. So you can suffer disappointment too.

There can be a number of reasons for which you can be disappointed in doing whatever you’re doing in your life.

It can be a job or business – it doesn’t matter whatever you’re doing, whatever your goals are that you want to achieve in your life. You may be disappointed.

The most common reason for which people are disappointed is not getting the required results.

Maybe, you’re trying to make something happen – and it’s not working for you. What will happen? Surely, you will be sad.

So what you should in such a situation?

It’s true that in such a situation self-motivation won’t work for long. You might need some external motivation that may cause self-motivation in you. So, when your energy is low, your muscles are stretched you need someone else to help you come out of the phase.

Who can be that person?

It’s really an important question. Who can get you out of the situation where your strength, power and knowledge isn’t working? Definitely, it can be someone else better than you. Right?
Experts recommend that you should,

  1. Take some rest
  2. Find external resources of motivation

Take some rest:

It’s so essential to take some rest to regain your energies. If you won’t take even short breaks while working you can lose your focus. And when you have some high aims then definitely you need to take some proper rest to achieve your goals.

You should define 1 day when you won’t work at all but you will give yourself time – you can call it a Rewarding Day. It will help you collect your energies and be more strong for your next journey. You should try to entertain yourself somehow – if you don’t have any other entertain resources you can at least read funny quotes that can make you laugh. All such things work for all.

Find some external resources of motivation:

When your own efforts aren’t working then you should look at other’s stories. Who else has been down in his journey? What motivated them? I usually read quotes about being strong that really keep me motivated and strong.

What else works for you when you’re disappointed?