I’ve seen it again and again with clients – they’re taking the leap, making huge progress, and then all of a sudden, there’s the panic. 

They forget their wins, doubt everything, and wish they could go back to how everything was before they pursued their next level vision. 

Luckily, especially in these moments, I am there to hold their hand (or kick their but when needed LOL). 

I know so well how it feels. I’ve been there so often – I secretly think I love the thrill of big leaps and growth.

If you ever feel you’re terrified to leave the old, and at the same time unsure you can reach the new, think of this:

Entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives have one thing in common: we create something that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for us. 

To CREATE, you need to embrace the creative process. And dive into the unknown. (if-else you’re just repeating what was there already, which doesn’t feel nearly as satisfying)

The one skill you need is to be able to stay calm in the sea of the UNKOWN. It is the skill that sets the successful entrepreneur or artist apart from the struggling ones. 

Imagine it like this:

You dive into a lake because you want to swim to the other side. 
When you just started swimming, you enthusiastic and full of energy. You dream about ‘the other side’ and can’t get there fast enough. 

Until you get to the middle of the lake. 
You can’t see where you came from anymore. And you can’t see the other side yet. 

This is the moment your skills are being tested. It is the moment where most people panic, and the inner demons get the best of them: “ I don’t have enough money! It’s never going to work! Others are swimming faster than me!!!”

What you truly need is to breathe. Stay calm. 

Observe your feelings and your thoughts. 

And you guessed it: keep swimming.

Because those who keep swimming, don’t get into other people’s boats, don’t drown, and don’t return to where they came from. 

They come to the other side. 

And everything you want is on the other side. 

Are you ready to take the leap?