It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make the jump from employee to business leader, and obviously, you have already proven yourself and earned your shot. However, it can be daunting to go from employee to supervisor. You may be trying to figure out how to strike the balance between being respected but being approachable. Maybe you’re having to lead the people you used to work shoulder to shoulder with. There are a million possibilities racing through your mind, but don’t stress! Here are some things you can expect from your transition to leadership.

A Lot to Learn

All of us have had jobs where we have said, “If I was the boss here, I would do things differently.” Well, now you have your chance. However, you’re probably going to realize that things don’t necessarily work the way you thought they did before your leap into leadership. There is going to be a learning curve in your new role, and your biggest job is going to be constantly being willing to learn and adapt. A lot of companies offer additional training for new managers, and you should certainly use every resource available to you. The people who promoted you probably don’t expect you to have all the answers on your first day in your new role, but they should expect you to do what it takes to learn.

A New Mindset

Before you were in leadership, you probably had a list of things you were responsible for at work. If you were a factory worker, you probably had one or more parts of the process that fell on your shoulders. As a manager, your mind can’t be focused as much on getting tasks done as much as it has to be on empowering others to get those tasks completed.

People Are Looking at You Differently

You used to work beside people who looked at you, but now they are looking to you. As a leader, people may not expect you to do the tasks that they are doing, but they are looking to you to put them in the best position to succeed in their tasks. Those people who you are leading expect you to walk what you talk. The rules apply to you that you are implementing to them. The procedures are to be followed by everyone from management down through the chain of command. Be what you’re asking them to be.

Management can be daunting, but if you prepare yourself mentally you will be a success, and so will the people you’re leading.