2018 has been the weirdest year, from the weather (The Beast From The East followed by the summer heatwave) all the way to politics (no comment). And in this little time between Christmas and New Year, I think we lose all track of time and motivation. However, hopefully, we can make 2019 excellent and set up the year with a new focus and more excitement. In order to make the most of 2019, this is what I plan on doing:

Practising Self Care

I think this a phrase that is so overused. And used as an excuse for shopping and spa trips. Though these can count, what I want to practice is more basic self-care. Being good – and kind – to my body and mind. Eating good food, and exercising regularly = happy body and endorphins. (For exercise, look up Park Run. It’s amazing. Promise.) Happy body means you can focus on your mind. For me, that’s going to be meditation, herbal teas (hydration is essential) and chocolate. Chocolate will be important in 2019.

Setting Goals

I think setting goals is key to growth because they give you things to work towards and make memories with. For my 2019, I didn’t want to set the general goals of “get fit” or the rest of the ones that you can keep till mid-January till they get too intense. Instead, I’ve just set little goals that will help me make memories and push me: Run a 10k, get drunk for the first time, travel somewhere brand new. It’s making me so excited for the year so I can start ASAP.


I know we don’t have time, and mostly we are not going to make an effort to prioritise reading and books. I used to read multiple books at a time between the ages of 7-13, and I think I finished like… maybe six books in 2018? At a push seven. I hope I can read more in 2019 and I’ve got a list that to be honest, I have already started. My hope is the minimum one a month.  Just do what you feel is achievable and just see if ten minutes a day to escape can become a part of your routine.

2019 will be around for an entire year, I hope we can end it happier, more successful than 2018. Best of luck, and Happy New Year!