Fortnite is a free for all shooting game which starts with one hundred people and you want to be the last one alive. The game takes place on a big map, which changes according to the real life seasons. For example, summer is sunny and winter is frosty.

 Fortnite has many live events about twice a season, and they are an important part of the game. Live events can be music concerts for a new song like Travis Scott (The Scotts), mysterious places, or mysterious objects like Kevin The Cube. To play the game, players will need a mobile device, gaming console, PC, a Nintendo device or even a Samsung fridge! 

There are some basic concepts you need to know when playing fortnite

Firstly, you need to know how to move your joystick/wasd/nintendojoystick/ iphone built in joystick/ and Samsung fridge. Some other skills that players should learn include how to pick up weapons, how to aim and lastly the way to shoot. These strategies are used to eradicate the other players in the game. Thirdly, players need to know how to build objects like a ramp, wall, floor and cones. The main reasons players need to build objects are either to gain height, protect themselves or to set traps. 

What many people don’t realise is Fortnite isn’t just for fun, and can actually be helpful to players in many ways. 

Firstly, It can fix your coordination. When playing Fortnite, sometimes you cannot look at the controls, and so you may have to memorize them. This helps a lot with motor coordination. Using creative maps in Fortnite also helps to improve aim, because you need to be able to edit and move around quickly. For me personally, I noticed big improvements in my basketball and tennis after playing Fortnite. I was able to handle the ball better and get a better grip on the tennis racket, leading to better swings. 

Fortnite also has other uses, like in education related areas. For example, Fortnite helped me to plan my project and use it as a platform to make a short video for my English class, and this made my learning more enjoyable. I researched what objects I could use to build a museum to use in my video, and built my own. Then, I used the characters and other features in the game to create my own storyline. Therefore, Fortnite can even help in academic settings and make projects more enjoyable.

Playing Fortnite can also help with our social and emotional skills, because strategies that we use in games can be helpful in real life situations.  For example, there are often some players who get upset or angry during the game, and other players learn how to deal with the issue and solve the problem. This can help you in real life situations where you might meet others who are not feeling great

In conclusion, yes, Fortnite is an enjoyable game to play in our free time. However, it also has many other benefits, which can make it a very useful tool for all its players.