What we expect is what we receive.

We bring in what we expect is going to happen into our life.

So often we are in relationship with someone, our partners, friends or family and we create these patterns that can frustrate us until we figure out how to shift the trajectory of the energy of that relationship. 

In all relationships, we turn our separateness into a union and in doing so we create three parts to the relationship- you, the other person and the collective energy created between you two- the union.

Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash

This connection between you two creates a oneness when you are together, an energy that connects you to each other and to all. Ram Dass calls this the  The Yoga of Relationship 

How do we shift this energy when someone in our life frustrates us? 

We shift our expectation about them. 

What happens when you expect an event to go a certain way or you expect a person to act a particular way? 

It turns out just as you expected it would. 

What would happen if you expected something different? 

Expectation is a powerful thing.

Expectation gives permission for something to happen in our life. 

When we expect it, we allow it into our life. 

Where do you need to shift your expectations in your life? How can you shift your expectation around someone’s behavior? How can you shift what you expect from yourself? 

Could you reach a place where you have no expectations and simply trust your Divine plan? 

Watch what happens when you do. 

The most loving thing you can do for another is offer them loving expectation.

Believe they will treat you well and they will.

Believe they will do the right thing and they will.

Believe you are worthy of the life of your dreams and it will show up in your life. 

Join me for this week’s meditation, Shifting our expectations and begin to shift your expectations and welcome in the life and relationships of your dreams.