Close your eyes and visualize yourself become the person that you always wanted to be. Now, Identify the feeling and give your mind a vision of where it wanted to go. It will help you to drive you to stay on creating it to happen.

Visualize yourself become the person that you want to be, is a powerful tool to stay focus. When you focus on something, you actually give your mind a command. So your mind is looking for ways to extract that command that you gave it.

Why? Because your brain doesn’t know the difference, so it will drive you to focus on creating it to happen.

So understand that every time you tell yourself that things will go wrong, it’s actually going to happen. Your mind will look for the things that you tend to look for. If you think negative, your mind will look for negative. 

There are three practices that prime the brain for a change. They are visualization, affirmations and intentions. Positive change starts with a positive vision of the life you want, positive affirmations of that vision and positive intentions you commit to doing each day to make your vision a reality.

Also, follow in your social media people that motivate you to do what you want, people who work out, people determinate. Do not surround yourself with people who hang out a lot and clubbing all the time.

Statistic had shown that when you got on your social network, people who are clubbing, hang out a lot, you are 70 % more susceptible to do the same unconsciously. 

So, Visualize The Person You Want To Be And Then Act Like It!!