What will work-life balance look like after the pandemic?

Before, COVID-19, work-life was easy or difficult? 

Before Pandemic, life was only working and working in the office. Very few of us emphasize working with our partner, by helping in household chores or knowing the deals of kids or whatnot. It all depends upon person to person. How they manage the profile and how properly they give priority to work. Right?

Every working person has a fixed routine to follow and coming back from office, it would be followed up by ‘what is their mood to do’. This is how they balance at THAT time. And balancing is just a term they focus on while working with their mood.

But as we heard, life takes you everywhere. This way life took us to the rollercoaster ride where we are seen working out day and night and called ‘The phase of life-The Pandemic’ which reset our lives to another level.

These days the code of work-life ethics is on the checklist while appearing for reviews, interviews of an organization.

Defining the balance between work and life

It is like harmonizing your professional and personal life. Striking for the right balance would be the key to accomplish as well as living well.  Pandemic rays are the light to the work from home or remote working. Who would have thought that working from home would easily change the company’s environment?

Otherwise, it will lead to chronic stress, hypertension, chronic aids, heart problems, and stress is the beginning of the journey of mental health which takes you to anxiety, depression, and so on.

How has work from home influenced you?

With Work from home, we have more time in hand, and structuring the work is also done effectively. Through this form of working, we don’t have to invest time and money in reaching the destination, and staying away from politics is also stress-free.

Not only this, it has made us more productive with work plus moody is additional to it. Sleeping is the only party you do on weekdays while meeting your close ones is only on weekends.

Though you have flexible working hours, with no chaos but communicating and comforting is a task to work on. In work from home, we have escaped the level of communication, but we’re still connected with our teammates through virtual collaboration.

Always working talks might affect your productivity. Humour, fun, knowing each other would be a level to upgrade with the productivity and comforting your inner self.

Instead of bounding with time, the boundaries should be given to the task. As each of us has a different speed to accomplish the task. So, the focus should be more on the task rather than time.

We spoke with Zach Grove, the GM of remote-first software company ClickFlow and a remote worker of 10 years, who offered this WFH productivity tip:

I find it helpful to think in terms of “inversion.” What might prevent me from staying productive during the workday, and how do I prevent that?

One big culprit is phone notifications. I find that keeping my phone on airplane mode until noon, ideally out of sight in another room, helps me maximize productivity by preventing distractions in the first place.”

Is working from home here to stay?

What does CEO’s take in this :

  • Dell CEO says “we have moved beyond as a work location. COVID has made one thing clear to us: is something you do, an outcome, not a place or a time and it takes steam work and culture that prioritize outcomes and result over effort”. Morgan Stanley CEO states that “I firmly believe that office is important for monitoring, development, socializing, creativity, brainstorming-all the things you do together with others but we can certainly be more flexible”.
  • When you come back, we won’t have 10, 200 people in the elevator -we will have a few people. They will get a ticket (informing them)when they will arrive in the elevator, much as you would arrive at Disney for a ride …it will be a slightly different work environment than it is today” said Benioff.
  • Firstly, it depends upon industry to industry but keeping it general, WFH will be an option for the companies that have grown in the market and have a particular goal to look at. As they are clear about what they want to achieve. So, they have made their employees trained from home with specific responsibilities and tasks.


Like a sibling relationship. There should be a relation between work and life. Everything is on both sides. If you care for your work, it will care for you. You should know how to hang in your professional and personal life without affecting one another. But once you get the trick to manage, it will be a tremendous success!

You should know how to tackle it otherwise it will lead to anxiety, hypertension, chronic stress, and aid which further takes you to mental health problems.