What would happen if every woman spoke her mind?

What if she never worried that others might criticize her or call her names?

What if it simply never occurred to her to try and please others when expressing her beliefs?

What if she never, ever, concerned herself with the need to be perfect—to make no mistake and avoid at all costs anything that would embarrass?

What if she always acted on her beliefs and refused to hold her tongue?

What if every woman believed her voice was needed? That speaking up was not just her right, but also her obligation?

What if her commitment to herself and to the world was to be heard, regardless of the risk?

On November 7th, Kamala Harris became the first female vice president-elect in United States history.

During that same election, Stacey Abrams, Nsé Ufot, Helen Butler, Deborah Scott, Tamieka Atkins, and many other women fought to increase voter turnout in Georgia and changed the tide of the election there.

And a record number of women were voted into Congress and state legislatures, including the first out transperson senator, Sarah McBride.

These women all had the odds stacked against them, yet their belief in the power of their voices drove them to fight for what they believed in. They didn’t stay silent or proper.

They made history.

Courage can create a ripple effect. These women stand on the shoulders of those who came before them and will support those who come after them.

What would the world look like if every woman in it could own her power, use her voice, and speak her conscience?

Would the business strategies of industries who put profit ahead of safety stop?

Would we hold those in power to their promises?

Would saving our planet for our children and future generations be a higher priority?

Would we still have mass shootings?

Would we allow those motivated by power, hatred, or greed to rule us—whether in our homes, our places of work, or our halls of government?

We don’t know the answer to these questions. But we have to try.

Kamala Harris told us, “Dream with ambition, lead with conviction, and see yourself in a way that others might not see you, simply because they’ve never seen it before.”

Speak your mind.

Live your power.