You may feel conflicted and mentally exhausted with the constant push and pull of your busy schedule. You may feel like there is little time for you to think, or you might constantly be battling with different emotions and a lack of peace about your life. The solution to these feelings and this inner turmoil may not be significant life changes so much as a change of how you think about things.

There are a few activities you can do that will help to calm your soul, slow down your pace, and get you mentally back on track, closer to the inner peace that you wish to feel. Here are a few of our suggestions.

Pick a Relaxation Method

According to the American Psychological Association, Americans report feeling more stressed than they think is healthy for them. If you’re like the average person, then you probably think that way too, and one of the best ways to de-stress is to have a go-to relaxation technique. This means that you stop what you are doing when you are feeling stressed and do a small activity that relieves the stress and allows you to feel better. For some people, this is yoga or breathing exercises. For others, it is a mental countdown or a cup of tea. You probably know what calms you, and if you have tried things to calm yourself that didn’t work before, then you should get a few suggestions from people you know that manage to keep their stress under control.

Take a Walk

A lot of people get stressed in traffic or while riding public transportation. They feel like they need to speed through the vehicles around them, and anytime their schedule is disrupted, they start to feel their head heat up, and their stress levels shoot through the roof. One great way to deal with this is to go for a walk instead. You can walk to some of the places you need to visit in your daily errands, and that naturally causes you to slow down and take things at a more relaxed pace.

Play a Game of Golf

Even if you are not very good at golf, just taking some time to play a game can help you calm down and get some inner peace. Being outdoors and taking things at the slow pace that is typical for this game is a great way to unwind and get your mind to relax for a while. That time outside, breathing in the fresh air and walking around will do you some good. It improves your circulation and gives you some exposure to the sunlight, which is excellent for your mood. You can get a lot closer to yourself and your inner peace when you are out in that kind of environment. Of course, you will only be able to feel relaxed and at peace, if you have the right golfing equipment. Be sure to use a trusted resource like Wired Golfers to find the right kind of equipment so that you are not frustrated while playing golf and putting a kink in your path to inner peace.  

Let the Stressful Things Go

There is a lot of things that could hold you back from feeling at peace with yourself. The biggest one of these is the anger that you hold onto. When you forgive someone, that can be very freeing. It gives you peace about the situation because you are no longer letting what they did affect you and control your emotions. If you hold onto anger and hate in your heart, then that is like poisoning yourself to get back at someone else. It only hurts you, so learning to let that go is one of the keys to having peace of mind.

Show Up Early

You may feel rushed and stressed because you are always late for everything. That means that extra traffic will cause you to stress, and anything that goes even slightly wrong will make you have a bad day. If you plan to be early for everything, then you can handle some delays and some things that don’t go quite according to plan.

Showing up just 10 minutes early can make a big difference in how your days go and how you feel. It also makes the people around you more pleasant, and they won’t be looking down on you for showing up late to work or to events that you were invited to. You will be more respected and valued and be thought of as someone who cares about the people in their life for merely having the courtesy to show up promptly.


These are just a few ways that you can get rid of some of the stress from your life and feel more at peace with your world and yourself. Inner peace is achievable, but you will have to do some things differently and perhaps step out and try a few activities that you haven’t tried before.