….. about Your Protein / Energy Drink

by Tam John

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Life on the GO needs a Modis Operandi based on being well-fueled.  When a full-fledged meal comprised of the best ingredients is not realistic, protein and energy drinks might fill the gap.  Like choosing anything, investigate to realize if it IS right for You.

Tips to Choose Well:

  • Do not believe everything you read on product marketing labels.  Marketing is genius with claims, reviews, and Pro endorsements contrived to sell manufactured food.  Buyer beware for buzz words such as ‘Natural’, ‘Keto’ and ‘Paleo’.  ‘Organic’ without the organic certification is meaningless.
  • Read ingredient labels.  Whether a product is good or bad depends on what is in it and how you digest it (see next tip).  The human body is designed to eat real food grown and raised by Mother Nature, not made in a factory laboratory.  
  • Your body will only digest food to nutrition when it is at ease.  Digestion belongs to the Parasympathetic Nervous System.  You must take your foot off the gas pedal of life for digestion to work well.
  • Go with your gut.  Tune in to how your protein/energy drink makes you feel.  Maldigestion symptoms, bloating and discomfort of any kind mean there is bodily disagreement with what you are consuming. 
  • Not all healthy food is healthful for all.  For instance, some people do well with whey protein; others vegan protein; and collagen is not right for all.   Coca’s Pulse Test is a neat DIY tool that gauges your body’s reaction to food by measuring your pulse before and upon consuming the food.  This technique is described in the book A Fresh Wellness Mindset.
  • Verify the source of ingredients.  Certified Organic is sound.  Grass fed collagen is a necessity.  The food supply in the USA is largely sprayed with chemicals and livestock are raised in unnatural conditions.  Your health reflects how your food is grown, raised, and manufactured.

Offset the necessity of food on the run with relaxing meals consisting of a variety of real lively food every chance you get.  Balancing macronutrients, consuming micronutrients, antioxidants, and a fiber rich food life is your best bet to create energy to fuel your life well. 

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