Sometimes, you won’t fully recognize the source of your pain or discontentment.

It may look like one thing– My life is overwhelming— or I am sick all the time– or my back hurts, when in actuality, the source of that ailment is coming from something different. For example, an incompatible career choice may manifest itself as an inconsolable source of sadness or depression. Or, an ongoing resentment may eventually manifest into a chronic illness.

What you experience as stress, pain and unhappiness can be a reflection of something quite different. It’s not until you slow down and stop deflecting, that you give yourself the opportunity to notice the connection between your experiences.  

How can you see more clearly what’s happening?  

You’ll need to dive deeper, make yourself a priority, and spend some quality time with discernment, honesty, and reflection. Your task is to think about the ways your life is not in alignment with your deepest values.

I’d invite you to answer the following questions:

What do I deeply honor and hold true? What do I value?
Is there dissonance between how I am choosing to live and my values?
If so, where are those areas of tension?  What can I let go of?
What can I add into my life that would help me live what I hold true?
In what small ways can I begin to honor my deepest truths?

You may also want to consider the following:

1 – Take time to consider what is most important to you. Reflect on what you think is important. There is a lot of noise out there. Reflecting will help you ignore the noise and focus on your priorities.

2 – Acknowledge any areas of tensionSometimes it feels easier to tuck these away to avert your eyes. Avoidance is ultimately not helpful. Look at contradictions in your life with full attention. Do you care deeply about sustainability but find yourself eating take-out too often? Do you have strong convictions about the self-efficacy of individuals, but work a job that doesn’t allow you to empower people? Do you believe in the importance of family life, but find yourself with no energy for your family at the end of the day? Acknowledge these areas of tension. What do you see? What does that teach you? What changes does it prompt you to consider?

3 – Make choices that are in alignment with your deepest truths. You can get stuck with decisions that aren’t in alignment with your values for so long that you’ve forgotten what you truly want – feeling lost and disconnected from yourself.  When you recognize this state of being – step forward to consciously make your next decisions based on what honors you.  It gets easier and easier. It takes time. Be patient.

4 – Keep learning. Learn something new! Learn about what catches your interest. Learn about energy. Learn about boundaries. Empath Evolution offers some great resources to help you navigate your path.

5. Talk to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend. Be kind to yourself. Know that you are learning and growing – self-discovery takes time.

6 – Let go. If there are things that aren’t serving you, or that contradict your values, consider letting them go.

7 – Choose joy. What brings you lightness? What things spark a new vibrancy in you? Often, those things are in alignment with your deepest values. Consider ways to bring more of that into your life. Whether it is time in nature, volunteering, writing, time with a loved one, or a good book, build in more time into your schedule for the things that light you up.

The more you know yourself, the easier it becomes to make choices that are in alignment with the things that are precious and important to you. When you make choices in alignment with those values, you will be pleasantly surprised to find those stubborn, old ailments disappear.

Remember you are not alone. Empath Evolutions offers a variety of long and short-term programs, as well as private sessions to support you along your path.

Much Love,


 is a powerful channel of high vibrational, healing energies.  She serves today as an Awakening Speaker, Evolutionary Guide and a Master Healer. As a perpetual student of life, Michelle holds many healing certifications, and is a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program.  Michelle awakens and guides heart-centered individuals on the Path to Joyful Expansion.

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