What Your Local Government Can Do For You

Communities often struggle to solve numerous problems without seeking assistance. In most cases, the community members fail to seek help because they don’t know their local government can assist them. Moreover, they may be aware that they can get help, but they do not know which channel to use to communicate with the local government. Members of a community can seek their local government aid through their community manager. The following are examples of ways that local government can benefit society.

Solving Animal Issues and Pet Control

Sometimes communities suffer because of wild animals or loose pets constantly terrorizing the neighborhood. It can be hard to identify ways to get rid of these animal problems on a permanent basis. Contrary to popular belief, local government agencies sometimes have the resources to take care of major threats such as rattlesnakes or coyotes directly. In addition to wild animals, the local police force and animal control can both assist in taking care of loose pets. These are services paid for by local taxes and people are encouraged to take advantage of these resources.

Ensuring Public Safety

Local government should also make the members of a community aware of where and how to report crimes in their area. The local government provides information on the program or agencies which the community can seek help from. To communicate such information, there should be communication between the local administration officers and the community they govern. While it is true that community-based government will work hand in hand with the police department, for quicker resolutions, members of a community should call the police directly if their safety is at stake. By taking the longer route through local government channels, it may take longer to connect to law enforcement. 

Solving Water Problem Issues

Drought-stricken areas and communities that may be experiencing a water shortage can work with local officials within the water department to establish how they can reduce water waste. The community water and landscape departments can further assist by purchasing water-saving devices, setting up piped water, and addressing leakages quickly, thereby saving the community from high water bills.

There is so much a local government can do for its community. To get more information, members of any community are encouraged to follow their local government offices on social media so that they can make the best use of their services as well as use these platforms to communicate.

This article was originally published at luisfaleman.org