Tinto Jose Koikkara

Success has a way of finding the right people who are worthy of it. People have all kinds of definitions when it comes to success. It cannot be explained by a few words fixed to fit everyone’s needs. Instead, it is a whole specter of meanings, actions, words, and feelings which you customize according to your believes and needs.

Tinto Jose Koikkara popularly known as TJ is the founder and current director of StormForz Digital LLP. Though the entrepreneur has made an eminent mark in the industry now, it was not a cakewalk for him to make it to what he is today. He has even worked with several stalwarts from the entertainment industry.

Tinto Jose says we all have dreams, what keeps people from realizing their dreams is what they choose to do about their dreams. You need to get off your but and go to work! Success doesn’t come to everyone nor does it come to everyone. It appears as a result of the hard work, persistence and drive of those pursuing their goals. You do not need to be rich, ‘educated’ or good looking to attain success. However, you need HARD WORK to succeed. So many of us wish we were more successful without putting the effort into chasing our goals with 100% focus and dedication. We believe success comes to people like in the movies! Or we believe successful people were helped by other successful people. Success demands work. You need to put some effort if you want to see results in every sphere in your life.

No matter what your definition of success is, to reach it you need to start somewhere and work until you get to the finish line. There is no quitting.

Whatever you are doing, make sure that it is useful for your destination. And whatever you are doing to reach your destination, be the best at whatever you are doing. Give your 100% to it, work hard day and night just to get the taste of success. Do something that people will look up to at work. Be the best in your job said Tinto Jose Koikkara.

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.” Until you are totally committed to making your dream come true, there will numerous things that will pop up to deter you. And if you aren’t really committed, then those distractions will succeed. To ensure you are unwavering in your quest to moving forward toward your goal, you need to burn your boats.

Dreaming is important, but having to work for the dream is more important. Try to follow your dreams boldly, be the hero of your story, have a knowledge of your beliefs, know your strength and take up the challenge to succeed.

No, life isn’t unfair just because you lost. The world doesn’t stop making sense because you were turned down from your dream job. The failures, the obstacles, the hardships in life, these are character-building elements that shape you into the unique person that you are today. Embrace them, welcome them, and watch yourself grow.

Whatever life throws at you, it is you who decides how to cope with it. There is nothing wrong with feeling down once in a while, it is what makes you human Tinto Jose quoted.