In today’s fast-paced, ego driven world, happiness, harmony, and success can feel elusive. You may feel like you are running on a hamster wheel chasing success and believing once you achieve that next milestone or buy that next thing, then certainly you will be happy. However, happiness that is true and lasting can actually be effortless to achieve when you create a life that is meaningful to you. When your vibrational frequency is in tune with your internal self and the environment, harmony becomes your natural state. This harmonic state is a central theme of religious teachings because harmony is a reflection of your spirit living in accordance with your life’s purpose.

Living in accordance with your life’s purpose can sometimes seem easier said than done. But knowing your life’s purpose is critical to achieving harmony, and therefore happiness, because then you have an internal compass directing you where to go. Without a strong purpose, you will get knocked down when life happens – easily throwing you out of a state of harmony and happiness. Instead, when you know your life’s purpose and your choices and behaviors reflect your purpose and truth, then you will feel authentic harmony.

This authentic harmony is the integration of both internal self-worth and external material congruence. The potential to effortlessly experience aligned vibration is available in every moment regardless of circumstances because it is solely dependent on your beliefs about yourself, the world, and your actions. When these are aligned, you experience harmony, happiness, and fulfillment. So, if experiencing harmony, happiness, and fulfillment is so easy, why does it seem so elusive? Because as humans, we make the rules hard to win.

Making the rules hard to win looks like going after a particular brand, level of prestige, sense of significance or level of security because you incorrectly assume the thing itself will give you harmony, happiness, and success. On a bigger scale, you are drawn to externally working hard in order to make yourself look good, and as a result go into debt hoping the material achievements will bring spiritual alignment and a sense of calm or presence you are so desperately chasing.

Without the strong anchor of your life’s purpose to guide your emotions and decisions, the door is left wide open for the constant stream of irrational, critical, and negative self-talk to take over. Unknowingly, you begin to impose unrealistic expectations on yourself and others based on inaccurate and unhealthy comparisons to those around you. A vast amount of emotional and physical energy is expended experiencing unpleasant emotions like anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, and shame. As a result, the unconscious conformity to the established rules and beliefs held just below the surface compels you to begin to outwardly react to the diminished way you internally feel, and search outside yourself for harmony – operating under the illusion that something out there will surely bring you happiness and fulfillment.

When your focus is on the outside world and you look to material goods, physical pleasures, and other people to make you feel good or define your self-worth, you will only be momentarily sustained. These external sources of pleasure and comfort are fleeting, and you will feel you always need to continually acquire more – more material goods, more physical pleasures, more external rewards. Without a clear sense of purpose, you will continue to search outside yourself for what you believe will make you happy and bring you success; and you will be led in the opposite direction of transformational success.

It is natural to tend to look for complex solutions outside yourself, rather than beginning within and allowing the external life to mirror what is already inside. If you are seeing dysfunction in your outer world, it is only because it is a reflection of the dysfunction you are experiencing internally. Likewise, when you experience happiness and harmony in the world around you, it is because you have achieved happiness and harmony within yourself. In order to reach true harmony, you must first do the internal work needed to build a solid foundation that is based on your values and character that will withstand the storms of life.  Then, as you choose to reach after these same things in the external world, you will be achieving or acquiring them as a reflection of your internal values and emotions that are aligned with your life purpose.

You must connect with your inner self and do what inspires you. Search beyond discipline and external motivation and connect to what you personally find to be meaningful. The strength of your purpose is the foundation to hold you on course when life’s challenges arise. Learn to integrate your innate gifts with your learned talents and align both to your values and behaviors. Understand the inner workings of your mind and soul so you are able to articulate your emotions, values, and qualities, and demonstrate their execution through your continual decisions, actions, and behaviors. When you achieve this harmony between the “being” of the spiritual and the “doing” of the material, you will know you are successful.

For those who have consciously chosen to live as the best version of themselves regardless of the environment or circumstances, they know that this harmony is true success. Like a diamond with many facets, each side reveals a new perspective of the original piece. Similarly, to the diamond, you also have many different facets of your life, such as physical health, relationships, finances, career, spirituality, etc. and each reveal a different perspective of the same object – yourself. It may be tempting to rate your success by looking at only one facet of your life. Yet only when you learn to embrace the fullness of what is truly inside, deeper than each of the single facets, can you appreciate the unique beauty of the rare gem that is your life. It is through embracing all the facets and infusing every perspective with your life purpose, core values, and intentional action that your life will be in tune with a harmony that is strong and beautiful, and outwardly admired for the brilliant light that shines fully through.

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  • Chad E Cooper

    Chad is a coach leading a life of example, retired at 35 years old, he coaches and mentors across several fields in order to inspire others to grasp their dream