Manisha on EBC

Today more than ever, as humanity stands united on one side of the war against COVID-19 terror, I want to raise a toast to my tribe, “human beings” who make things possible

Curiosity is a bug, Innovation, a disease many us, suffer with. My infected suppressed genes became dominant and forceful with every passing day in Silicon Valley, the land of pioneers, and the land of opportunities. The air here carries the curiosity virus across the oceans and the mountains, and the innovation bacteria fosters in the orange juice flowing in Sandhill and coffees brewing in bay area cafes.  

Through the years, I witnessed humanity making so much possible. 

I read about Lincoln banishing slavery through Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, witnessed Barack Obama becoming the president in 2008 (146 years to make it possible), and lived a small-town girl’s (me) path to meet this POTUS who changed history. 

I read about Turing prosecuted for homosexuality in 1952 and witnessed same-sex marriage legalized across the US in 2015. (63 years to make it possible)

I lived through tech evolution from reading about Arpanet, the invention of the intranet in 1989 to building numerous technology products that now take intranet for granted in 2020. (31 years to make it possible)

I am now witnessing our journey to the moon and living our evolution towards men and women walking side by side.

No one ahead. No one behind

One in 400 trillion living beings is born a human. That denominator may not be exact, but it has too many zeros to waste a human life; cause we are the only tribe that makes difficult things possible!

I thank you, dear human beings, for being my tribe. Thank you for dreaming with me. And thank you for making so much possible!

We are boundless by nature. Let us never let our fears limit us, and let’s keep dreaming…

What’s Possible? Imagine. Execute. 

Manisha on EBC