We tend to believe we know what’s right or wrong and often we ignore other people’s beliefs.

Perspective is one of our mental gifts. We get to choose how we see or experience life from choice. 

Perspective runs everyone’s beliefs. We apply it everywhere, from politics, race, social status to our own body. Freedoms change depending on the perspective. 

How can you change your perspective to change the way you experience happiness?

The short answer to the question is, choice. We choose to experience our relationship positively or negatively by choosing unconsciously how we experience our interactions with that specific relationship. It can go from enjoyment to suffering and all the in-betweens depending on what we tell ourselves about the person we have in front of us. It doesn’t matter whether we know the person or not. Oh yes! We have an opinion about someone regardless if we know the person or not which is very unfair. It’s unfair not for that person. That person doesn’t care. It is very unfair for us because that limits our enjoyment in the present moment which is not good for us. 

I remember a conversation I had one day with my brother about a memory we had about our father.  The memory was exactly the same, but the experience at the moment was completely different. He had a perspective and I had the opposite perspective of the same event. Neither was wrong, it was just different. Mine was much more positive than his, after giving him my perspective, he totally changed his. He just didn’t think about it in another way.

When you are capable of experiencing life from one perspective and still open to listening to others perspective, that might just catapult you from being okay in the present moment to feeling happy. This is how important it is to be in the present moment and listen to others.

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