Work takes up most of our time out of necessity, but it doesn’t have to completely take over our lives. Everyone needs some leisure time, no matter how busy they are, says Georges Chahwan. It’s important not to neglect family or friends just because you’re too busy at work. The best way to have a healthy work-life balance is to maintain close relationships with both work colleagues and friends/family outside of work hours. This will mean that even if one side of your life begins to overshadow the other, you’ll still have people who love and care about you waiting for you on the other side so it won’t seem so overwhelming.

Work is a huge part of people’s lives. We can’t earn money without it, and it’s very common for us to devote the majority of our waking hours at work or taking care of things related to work. All jobs require some attention outside of work hours as well, because we need to keep track of what’s going on in order not to lose touch with all those tasks that are also important but don’t necessarily happen during office hours.

Of course, sometimes efforts made at one side might lead to neglecting the other: if we spend too much time at work we might neglect our social life and if we spend too much time with friends and family we might neglect our obligations at work, adds Georges Chahwan. Balance here also means not focusing on one side to the point of bringing it down. Regarding this, trying to find a healthy balance between these two activities is important because we need both of them to be happy and satisfied with life.