I know maybe You have been questioning your purpose in life, and what’s in for you, but not just yours. You have also been asking what the purpose of human life?  You have become consumed mostly with thoughts of human cruelty and the human need to destroy. These days, it often seems as if people are caught up in unending rascal rivalry. Like greyhounds on a racecourse, blinkers on, they chase a rabbit they will never ever catch, and you find yourself running the same race. Looking at the faces of strangers, it seems to you that they have lost their souls, and you ask yourself: do they even have souls? Do I have a soul? What are they thinking? guess what !! you are not alone, I too have questioned my humanity and my purpose in life and also my ability to connect with life on a fundamental level. I too have built up walls in an attempt to guard myself against the cruelty that threatens to envelope all of mankind protecting my littles self from harm, my own iron dome. Sometimes I have fed myself with unkind words and punished my mind with thoughts of destruction and makes you feel like you have lost touch with your spirit and you want to find it again and it may leave you exhausted, confused and emotionally hurt. So, you convince yourself that you have no purpose, and that the universe is nothing more than a tall tale told to children so that they do not fear death. But still you have this ever distressing sense that there must be more than what you know because you still have questions that you want answered.

You want to know your place in this world and how you are connected to this universe as a whole. Does it all have a deeper meaning? Is my life really in my hands? Do I have total control over certain elements of it? And you end up accepting that somethings are out of our control and that the best thing is to accept life’s journey as the universe’s way of teaching you the lessons you must learn to survive. The failure, the hurt, the heartbreak, the torment, the lack of self-esteem: they are all just life’s lessons at work. Teaching you how to be strong and how to live on and how to persevere.  And all this leads to a life of self-acceptance and personal happiness even with your smallest achievements. As most people say, you need to experience the bad to be able to appreciate the good and vice versa. The most important thing I would like you to know is that the universe is multifunctional: the very fact that you are here, asking these questions, or that the sun rises and the tides flow, is because of the spirit of the universe. Everything that grows and expands is part of the journey of the universe; you too will experience this growth in due time. Know that You are connected to the earth in ways you cannot even start to comprehend. And you are connected to your loved ones and peers in ways that the universe has drawn out for you because everything happens for a reason. Our lives are paths that always meets with others forming crossroads of destiny meeting people who shape our lives. Your path has already been designed, and you must walk along it to learn and grow and expand your mind.

 The truth is that none of us will ever know outside of the purpose of our own destinies. Follow yours; choose the path that will enrich your life, and learn to take control of it. What is important to know is that everyone needs to nourish their spirits, souls and mind in their own way. You do not have power over the behavior of others. The only power you have is the ability to control your own behavior and how you choose to react to the conduct of others. You have the power to control your thoughts. The power to nourish your mind, body and spirit with all that is good. The universe connects us all, and we should embrace these connections to reach a place of understanding and knowing. You can learn to understand how we are connected, how we can help one another through life’s lessons, and how we can affect each other’s journeys. You do not have to walk this path alone. Find connections. Find people with whom you share common ground. Work together to build your paths, and begin working on your own idea of a journey. Begin working on your life. Positively. Self-enlightenment is imperative because that’s the only way you’ll know who you. It’s also good to question everything but while on that Accept the things you cannot control and work on the things you can. Life will throw you many curveballs, and thus, lessons will be learnt.