2020 is coming! It’s time to get real about your future, because hey, you only get one life and we gotta live this time to the fullest, ideally with few to no regrets!

I love visioning because it adds a strong layer of intention, and with intention, we can stay focused and move so much faster! I like to approach visioning from two angles. You can start by asking yourself:

1) What parts of your career are you no longer happy with? There can be a lot of things intertwined… so try to decipher:

  • Is it the people? Is it your boss? Does your manager empower you to grow? Do you want your manager’s job? Does overall culture (pace, politics, values) not feel right anymore?
  • Is it the actual work? Is it no longer challenging? Do you feel meaning behind the work you do or like you’re making a difference in some way? Is there no room for growth?

2) What are you craving more of?

  • Maybe you want more flexibility, autonomy, strategic input, meaning or creativity? Maybe you can’t put your finger on it and it just feels like something’s missing? Write it down.
  • When you think about your life 15 years down the road, what will have you accomplished? How will you feel about your career and life? Who’s present in your life? Who do you want to make sure doesn’t dictate your decisions? What will you regret not having not tried? Maybe it’s an industry change, living overseas, changing functions/roles, utilizing a new skillset or maybe it’s building a business/side hustle?

Now you’ve got the juices flowing a bit, allow yourself to marinade on these pain points and cravings. What do you need to say buh-bye to so you can make room for what you’re craving!? You can literally create ANYTHING you can imagine or see, so give yourself some time and space to connect.

Then see what comes up in your mind as “objections” or reasons why it won’t work. Remember, that’s just your fear talking — GO DO THE THING!!!

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