When A Certain Topic Is Bad For My Brand… Dre Baldwin DreAllDay.com

When the 2016 elections were approaching, I posted on Snapchat (this was pre-Instagram Stories) that I’d be watching the debates and commenting on what I saw. Some fool sent me a private message advising that I not talk about politics. It would be “bad for my brand,” he suggested.

I told him what I’ll tell you now: my brand is whatever the f*** I wanna talk about, as it relates to the Work On Your Game philosophy. Anyone offended by any subject I discuss can find someone else to follow.

Politics. Race. Sex. Business. Money. Sports. Nothing is off-limits.

I did a MasterClass over a year ago telling you the most important aspect of building a brand these days: AUTHENTICITY (number 1239).

People want to know that they’re getting the real you — whoever that may be. As consumers, we’ve been inundated with so many messages, promotions and ads over the years that we can see through bullshit easily. When you’re being less than authentic, people can tell — their lack of response will tell you loud and clear.

You’ll also know it yourself: when you have to remember who you are and who you’re “supposed to be,” the mask will eventually fall off. At that point, the fans you duped will leave you alone — and the ones who would’ve been your audience have already found some authentic voices who weren’t afraid to be themselves.

When you come across me and anything I’m discussing, you may be surprised by the topic or the angle from which I approach. Maybe you don’t agree with my perspective, which is fine. Maybe you wish I would just talk about one thing — whatever it was that first brought you here. You’re entitled to feel however you feel.

Just know that, whatever the subject, you will always know exactly where I stand. Because I’ll tell you.

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