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While a vaccine is the most needed solution in the midst of today’s global health crisis, businesses are in need of something that makes thriving still possible despite the growing cases of COVID-19 around the world.

Compassionate leadership.

As more and more customers experience pain because of the limitations brought about by COVID-19, it has become even more challenging for businesses to address these pains as they themselves are experiencing the same (rhyme not intended).

Truth is, and believe it or not, now is the best time for individuals and businesses to bring out what they do best and learn how to position themselves as problem solvers amidst this current global health situation.

Medical frontliners are not just the ones expected to step up and act.

Compassion combined with solution is the kind of leadership needed during this time of a crisis.

This is something that I’ve learned as I’ve witnessed business owners I know who have managed to step up as leaders.

One such business leader is Maricar Hernandez, CEO of Beyond Limits Outsourcing Solutions, a BPO company located in Pampanga, Philippines.

“I’ve always been passionate about leading people and bringing out the best in them. This is the best solution that I know to help my clients’ businesses grow. I am passionate about solving problems, delivering results, and make sure that those results serve both the interest of my most important shareholders: my clients and my employees, ” says Maricar

The inception of her company, Beyond Limits Outsourcing Solutions, came about when Maricar was encouraged by former colleagues and, at the same time, received attractive offers from business owners who needed outsourcing solutions.

The problem-solving skills she has perfected for almost 2 decades was the most important factor considered when her company was established. A timely attribute as well that helped Maricar in strategically serving her bottom line in the midst of the pandemic.

“With the current global health crisis, resolving the cash flow pressure our clients are experiencing is of utmost priority. We help them recover from the pandemic’s impact by letting them focus on the higher level side of their businesses and trust us with their back-office processes and remote staff management.” ~ Maricar

In the same manner, Maricar has found a way to level up her game in solving her clients’ problems by having have her team step up as well. Through strategic management and by knowing her team really well, what motivates them, and involving them in formulating action plans, Maricar is able to find the alignment in solving not just her clients’ problems but that of her team, as well.

Perhaps one can never go wrong when helping others is set as the ultimate intention.

As Maricar has originally founded Beyond Limits BPO with the main goal of being a value-driven company where it ultimately creates happy employees and satisfied clients, there is no doubt that this goal has become a realization despite the pandemic.

“I believe that by inspiring and adding value in people’s lives through long-term employment and delivering quality services is the most sustainable way that I can satisfy my most important shareholders – my employees and my clients. These are the solutions that are important to them, so we make it a priority to deliver what they need.”

Over the years, this lady CEO with almost 2 decades of BPO experience has seen the industry grow and thrive in the Philippines. It has seen how it has survived the inflation, the global financial crisis, and now the global health crisis.

One thing remains clear to her, and it’s so simple and it has to be taken to heart:

“The best way to take care of your clients is by taking care of your employees.”

I’d say that’s a compassionate problem solver right there.

And that, ultimately brings lasting results, not just during a global health crisis but in the years to come.

maricar hernandez


  • Jennette Cajucom

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