Despite Thrive Global’s stand on the need to disconnect from tech and then reconnect after you are revived, one message that is comes out powerfully is that tech can either be good or bad to you depending on how you use it. If you are ever on social media stalking people and sending out threats and all kinds of things that would be categorized as cyber crimes, then you need to get out of it.

Remote workers though will tell you how social media has been great to them in sourcing clients, outsourcing work as well as scaling. Social media has opened doors that were closed before. It has indeed made the world a global village where we can chat and contribute on all manner of topics despite how far we might be from each other.

Social media can help you Relax

Remote workers especially freelance writers, website developers and app programmers will tell you that they want to relax after working for so many hours and just see the online gossips that are trending. This helps their brain to cool off and when they get back to work, they will be more efficient.

Social media can help you grow business wise

Many online ventures will depend on social media for their growth. They want to have more likes, more fans and shares to their stories. With social media tools such as socialbuddy, a service to grow instagram followers, word will easily reach other people about your brand and what you do in a very short time while you work on other things that are key in your business.

Social media keeps you abreast with what is happening

If you are a young person who works online and do not know what happened in your country the past few days, people will not forgive you because everything that is juicy and trending will be found online. Social media therefore makes you know what needs to be known and you do not have to stay in darkness any more.

Social media groups can be great for learning

I am a member of a few social media groups that discuss investment and entrepreneurship and from these groups I have learnt so much on practical tips shared by others on how they were able to finance their start-ups and be where they are today.