Light and dark

I am feeling, absorbing and integrating all that is happening around and within me, quite extensively and intensely. I feel rage, I feel sadness, I feel powerful to act, and I feel powerless in the ocean of grief, pain, angst and despair that engulfs my kind and all other species around the globe. Yet I still feel the power of Love. ?

I have learnt to find integration and balance through darkness and light. Light and hope only can emerge when darkness is not bypassed, but experienced by going through it. So, I am strengthening my spiritual, physical and mental muscles to keep love in my heart as the way shower. I have never felt more determined, more sacred rebellion for Love to win. Personal, professional and all ways of life. But I am also now more free in accepting the vulnerable feeling as a facet of my strength, a true strength because my sensitivity and compassion is not a sign of weakness but my strength. Strength does not mean relentless outward projection of strength, of power over others which is unnecessary, unwanted and unnatural.

Strength is in standing tall in your authenticity, in your unique relatability, in vulnerability and in accepting fragmented parts within you as one whole and loving it. Strength is in seeing this truth in others and become accepting of it and loving it. Strength is in the wisdom of Nature, when each of these humongous trees becomes dry, naked and withered for six months every year and comes back to full bloom for other six months, giving shade, food and life support to many varieties of life. No one judges, the trees stand tall in their own innate character. I draw my strength and purpose from the trees, the moon and the sun – each has a wax and wane phase and each shines in its innate glory and strength and gives Source of life, creativity and blessings to all forms of life.

So, I re-commit to embrace all phases within my mind, emotion and body as the absolute perfection of the Creator!

Radical acceptance of the low vibe and the high vibe! Then we are not afraid of one or in awe of the other vibe. Then we live through both as we can and are gifted to, and then the low and the high, the light and the dark cease to exist, then it just becomes life and living! And then we become more accepting, at peace with ourselves and with all others around us.

Acceptance is not weak or passive. It is super powerful to see “as is” and embrace fully. From that stillness, rises the burst of life-affirming energy to create, to bring new forms to birth, to add your unique strength to the unfolding of all things around you.

Intent, thoughts and actions that can be fully resilient, courageous, wise, balanced, kind, loving, compassionate and unshakeable in the face of any obstacles, adversities and heart-breaking life events can ONLY arise from the heart space of true convictions to stand tall in one’s own truths. All paths of sacred rebellion seek love, hope, sovereignty and true freedom for oneself and all beings!

How can LOVE not be at the epicenter of such sacred rebellion?

Today I commit more dedicatedly to my path as a stubborn sacred warrior of Love?❤????

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