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We have noticed the eagerness to go for articles: 3 things, 7 actions, 9 causes and rules, the magic of…, the secrets of…, what do millionaires say, etc.? They are simple triggers to get us involved and to think about them. Drawn from deep studies and deep thinking, stretched in time.

We have noticed that we are waiting for a single thing: How we want to change things in one word. Like the illusionist’s rod to change our state of disbelief. The disbelief, that we have our affairs in our control. That we can succeed in every aspect of our lives. We just have to look for it in our thoughts.

Thoughts that caused the problem, are not going to solve the problem.

We are looking if there is something out there outside of ourselves. We want in one word, ‘abracadabra’ and to change our current state, our circumstances. Even though words have power to change. From word to change requires patience, it is a process that takes faith.

Patience in itself is believing because we believe we will change and with patience we make ourselves overcome the break through time to success.

We wait for magic to change our state magically; and we are magical in itself. Magic brings things into existence.Meanwhile with our thoughts, expressed in words we can change with one word the humor of another; above all ours before.

Say I Love You and you will get hugs.

Say I hate you and they will stone you.

Thoughts magically stimulate words and words actions.

Choose the words and take actions.

Actions become behaviors, habits and they become our destiny.

We are in control of our destiny and we should not wait for special events or people to change our state or our position in life.

To understand thought or the constant practice of observation of our daily life thoughts; to prove the power of repetitive thought: we could bring into attention the influence of thought (as an immaterial thing) on ​​the formation of new neuron connections, through synapses in our brain (material). So here begins the shaping of thought into something material, where memory is created. Our thoughts have power.

We talk to ourselves every day about obstacles and circumstances that do not allow us to change but we do not talk to ourselves about how to get it better, to be dedicated not to stop at obstacles. Do I have to try again? Time will pass anyway.

It all has to do with the thoughts we go through every day in our mind.

To focus and think more about success, to get involved in solutions, this will become a norm if we shift our focus, and in critical moments we will be programmed for success.

Shifting our focus, changes our attitude as how we approach life.

And otherwise, focus and repetition of information or actions for several times will make it part of our being. This can happen consciously or unconsciously. Actions and thoughts with which we are presented during our days will form our paradigms.

I recall young people and not only, who choose to be happy. Backpacking and experimenting with living in nature.

When you change the focus of how you look at life, happiness in life also changes. We decide if want to be happy.

When we think of buying a car, it seems to us that it appears more and more in our way. It is simply our focus at the time.

Focus on solutions, success, happiness and they will appear on your way.

Emotions, events and repetition affect our subconscious.

An obvious example where we no longer need to strain on an idea or action if we have done it several times: With frequent repetitions on TV in short stories or by supporting it with posters, we are bombarded.

When we want a product, the first that come is of which we have been exposed the most because it is recorded in our subconscious by repetition. We do not think long but automatically, the subconscious brings us that choice.

It is the emotion that brings up that product when we have to choose for.

So why let others play with our subconscious, when we can play with it ourselves, is better and worth it.

In an experiment a few drops of water were placed under the effect of the words: I Love You, Thank You and I Hate You, it was seen that water crystals under a microscope had different shapes. So, each time influenced by certain words and emotions, they also had forms from the most beautiful to the most irregular, in the case of the negative ones. A reminder: the human body is said to consist of 80% water.

“A great gift that you have been given from birth is the gift of choice. You get to choose what you are going to focus on. You get to choose what thoughts you allow to enter into your mind, and believe it or not, you get to choose how you feel at any moment.” — Savy Wisdom, Peggy Mccoll

So, thinking that success is there waiting for us. This is a choice. By deciding to think, to cultivate success, success will be the first choice.

But we do not tend to talk to ourselves consciously, as we do unconsciously by talking to ourselves 800 times a day and mostly in negativity about how we cannot achieve and not to see ourselves as a third person, how to achieve. Just as we immediately get up to analyze the behaviors and causes of someone else’s actions, as if we were FBI agents, the Behavioral Analyzing Unit.

What I mean is to deduce the thoughts and feelings when we are going to do or decide to do something. One way is by making affirmations and finding examples of success. Being informed on what we love the most.

This is like programming a computer. If you do not program it with need info, it is simply a complicated piece of metal. Being informed makes us find solutions, or trigger us new ideas. This can be set as a goal. If we see we have a lot of imposed thoughts, so we are programmed, but the time has come to reprogram ourselves differently.

Why not create the illusion that you will succeed and feel confident that you will? While all the time we live with the illusion that 3 things will make us rich or fix our relationships quickly. Where there is plenty of evidence that everything needs sweat, mental and physical work. You have to pay the price.

So, there are main two things: conscious thoughts and the feeling that you will succeed.

“O wretched reason, the arguments used to refute me, it takes them from me again!” Epicurus

Just decide and do not think about how you will achieve it. The first step will show you the way.

So this law can be said consist of believe, and the feeling (how we feel, what we feel, when we think about our goals) and imagination (imagine what we want as an image, accomplished in our mind, without thinking how in detail) . Let God and Let go.

Daut Demaku: Patience is beliving and cultivate it because we have patience only when we believe.

Pay attention to yourself, build yourself; is to love yourself.

Do not try to change the world, the world is big and you are small — Daut Demaku

If you have not given to yourself, you have nothing to give to the world. Just like the instruction for oxygen on the plane in the event of an accident, if you do not help yourself forward with oxygen you will not be able to help others.

Make a decision on this day, to test yourself and reject any limiting believes you may have in yourself that might stop you. Look at yourself and question the areas in your life where you may have doubts about talent and abilities. We can ask friends or family if they see any limiting beliefs we may have.

Every life starts from inside — out… Pushes from within, will start a life; from outside will end the life.