A few years ago, I worked as a Controller for a university in Germany based near Frankfurt. I lived with my husband and our two kids together and we had a very unhealty relationship. From day to day i felt more sick and my stomache felt like a stone.

I had to raise up two school kids and run through a very hectic job. My husband was not much support back then.

Every kind of food I ate seemed to want to leave my body right away. In the end i had just 83,7757 lb which corresponds to 38 kg. I was hospitalized and had to remove large parts of the intestine in an emergency operation.

The diagnosis was Crohn’s disease. Crohn´s disease is still uncurable.

After months of convalescence i decided to leave my husband and live with my kids as a single mum.

I changed my job and went back to the software industrie where i worked a few years ago. I worked as a Sales Manager and was responsible for new business and the expansion of sales.

It did not become less stressful. So i had to raise up the kids, led my houshold and worked in a responsible position.

To work in sales means that you have to travel a lot. From customers to conferences, to the next workshop. I changed the company hoping to travel less.

But i was wrong.

As Head of new Business, I was responsible for the development of the sales department and additional operational sales activities.

I woke up one morning in a hotel room and had no idea which city I am in.
I called my mother to ask what conference I am today.

This was the day i decided my life has to change.

Looking back, many things have been reactions of my body to stress.

I decided to help people to manage stress in a healthy way and completed my training as a certified Burnout Coach.

After every negative event in my life, I managed to get up and grow in the situation.

And that’s what makes resilience.

Resilient people are solution-oriented, goal-oriented, network-oriented, optimistic, accept responsibility and leave the victim role.

Your mindset makes the difference to everything. If you look positive in the future even in hard times you will grow ! Never give up and believe in you!